A Crimson Spring Credits


Created byRobb Sherwin
Written byRobb Sherwin
Programmed byRobb Sherwin
TestingJonathan Blask, Greg D'Avis, David Fillmore, The Milker, Lenny Pitts, Michael Sherwin
Music performed byDJ NOiSEA, Rybread Celsius, Captain Brandy, Underflesh, Scott, Wayne, Kurt Colville, Brian Gramling, Gabriel Roussere, Robb Sherwin (of Beaver), Gene Sato, Chris Frantisak, Chris Costello, Derek Koch, Ryan McLellan, Ryan Day, Brandon Bosch, Ben Parrish
Artwork byRobb Sherwin
Photography byRandy McLellan
Thanks for the Hugo Development Language and compilerKent Tessman
Thanks for organizing the 2000 Interactive Fiction CompetitionStephen Granade
Thanks for maintaining the archive at ftp.gmd.de/if-archiveVolker Blasius
Thanks for feedbackMycophile, Newkid, the regulars at alt.games.xtrek
Thanks for the idea of Klan ManMatt Davis
Thanks toFuel
Lead TestersGreg D'Avis, Lenny Pitts

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