A New Beginning Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu (initial release)
Main menu (Final Cut release), also scaled to a higher resolution.
Options menu
View over postapocalyptic San Fransisco
Movie sequence. Fay loses her team leader.
Fay inspects the time machine.
Fay's colleague tries to set up the time machine for a new ride
Bent observes Fay who kidnapped him. On the left you can see Harvey from Daedalic's first Adventure sitting on on the couch.
The bouncer at climate change conference in Oslo has to be convinced that Fay belongs to the press.
At the energy conference in Oslo
Overview of Bent Svenson's former offshore research station
Three floors that want to be explored
Play the right tunes to push the depressive welder back to work
Living quarters for the core staff team at the offshore research station
Yes, that boat could be the ticket to the nuclear power plant! But the grimly looking guard won't even let Bent touch it.
Bent finally got that boat. Fay doesn't really enjoy the ride.
Power plant of sinister Indez Industries
Broken machine
Another puzzle. After a some time you skip it with the red button in the upper right corner
All problems
Picture of the past
Helicopter interrupts some works
She is VERY angry
Chapter one
Cut-scene - time machine works.
Antenna to submit
Localized speech and subtitle options (Final Cut release)