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Abomination (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Abomination Credits


Game DesignStephen J. Goss
ProgrammersJohn Wakeham, Adrian Brown, Adam Dobson
ArtistsStuart Griffin, David Moore, Jonathan Sandford, Justin Manning
MapsTomas Rawlings
Assistant ProducerStuart Poole
ProducerStephen J. Goss
ThanksPeter Moreland, Rob Davies, Martin Carr, Gina Schofield, Jason Stapleton, Simon Vass, Sarah McKenna
MusicRichard Wells
VoicesPhilip Morris, Allinthegame Ltd, Lynda Hayes, Kerri Murphy, Colin McFarlane, Dominic Frisby, Dan Russell, Sharon Holm
SFX and AudioAllister Brimble
Manual Written byThe Write Stuff
Manual DesignA Creative Experience


Executive ProducerGrant Dean
LocalisationFlavia Timiani-Dean, Holly Andrews
MarketingJohn Davis, David Burton, Simon Orams, Rebecca West
CreativeMatthew Carter-Johnson, Caroline Simon, Andrew Cockell, Dan Bura
Press RelationsJonathan Rosenblatt, Eva Whitlow
UK QA ManagerTony Bourne
UK Lead TesterGavin Skinner
UK TestersEsmond Ferns, Daryl Bibby, Phil Robotham, Will McIntosh, Carl Lovett, Suneil Saraf, Jason Walker
Special ThanksAndrew Brennand, Nick Davies, Rose Montgomery, Lee Briggs, Michael Souto

Eidos US

Product ManagersJim Curry, Karina Kogan, Susan Boshkoff
QA ManagerMichael McHale
Lead TesterMike Orenich
Assistant Lead TesterFranklin Vasquez
TestersRalph Ortiz, Carlo Delallana, Ron Lauron
Special ThanksJames Poole, Nicholas Earl, Caroline Simon, Jemell Sparks, Eric W. Adams, Mike Kawahara, Michael Souto

Eidos Interactive Germany

Product Development LeaderBeco Mulderij
Product ManagerLars Wittkuhn
Localisation ManagerLars Wittkuhn
LocalisationsMitch Anton, Uli Mühl
Quality Assurance ManagerSören Winterfeldt
TesterAndré Bork

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