Written by  :  DarkTalon (162)
Written on  :  Jan 02, 2000
Rating  :  4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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It's great fun to fight the Brood, in a fast-paced, engaging game, right from the beginning to the end!

The Good

Good graphics and sound effects, great music and cutscenes. It's got the most engaging gameplay which forced me to play right from the beginning to the end virtually non-stopped (That means three days without sleep!) A great variety of interesting weapons and special effects. Good random-map generator which never let one tired of the AI-placed tiles. good soldier AI and path-finding algorithm, decent enemy AI. Great monster and level design, especially those extremely long and fun Portal Missions. Engaging War chapter give a interesting change of pace. The isometric-viewed tactical battles are really fun! And the RPG-like experience points system is very well done, give one a lot of freedom to customize your agents' abilities...

The Bad

A lot of bugs when first released (though the first patch has already out to fix quite a number of them...) and the over-head strategy map is not very interesting. The tactical part is not very deep (but this can be a good thing ;) and the War chapter can be a bit too difficulty (and before the patch, it's insanely difficult, but this again can be a good thing for some people) The eight bio-mechanically enhanced agents are not exactly balanced, some got very useful special skills while others are not that good. The overall gameplay time is not very long though there are certain replay values...

The Bottom Line

a brilliant computer real-time strategy/action game with certain interesting RPG elements and good overall feel. And it got great fun factors to hook almost all-kinds of gamers. However, its gameplay is hindered by quite a few bugs (most fixed in the first patch) and some small flaws. Generally it's a game everyone should buy and will get a lot of FUN out of. It's good for a wide range of gamers, and it can be described best as a mix of X-COM and Syndicate Wars, with the gameplay a bit more inclined to Syndicate. However, it also got a lot of its own innovations to distinguish itself out of the others and makes for a great FUN game!