Abomination Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

main menu
Our soldiers battle some mutants.
a road fight
shooting vehicles
setting the video options
the map
Weapon description.
the map with another part of town
Character information, including brief introduction and stats. This is "Pyro", a special agent with Tele-pyrokinetic ability (think Drew Barrymore's character in Fire Starter)
The characters without special abilities have a weapon proficiency to make up for it. This character specializes in Infantry Support Weapon (rocket launcher, machine gun, etc)
Selecting agents to send on a mission
Equipping an agent
Mission objective. Note that equipment to be destroy also include vehicles, which the game fails to point out.
Equipment requested from HQ is dropped at a random location. You have to retrieve it within 24 hours.
Why can't they just drop this on my controlled territory. That'll save a lot of trouble
Mission result, showing character kills / accuracy and salvaged equipment
Distributing experience to increase skills
This part of the city still has MTA running for some reason
Defending a device against waves after waves of enemies
A retry of the same mission. This time the device is placed on top of a building
This is basically a random encounter that you have to clear before moving to the "real" mission
Inside enemy facility
"Ninja", while cloaked, trying to search a container for equipment
Rebooting the computer to spread the virus.