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Aces of the Deep Credits


ProducerMike Jones
Lead ProgrammingLangdon Beeck
Technical DirectorPiotr Lukaszuk
ProgrammingPiotr Lukaszuk
Additional ProgrammingMark Boettcher, Ryan Hinke, Mike Jones, Rick Overman, Joseph Wingard
Art DirectorJarrett Jester, Kyle Miller
3Space Shape ModellingDamon Mitchell, Vance Naegle
3D ArtCyrus Kanga, Peter Lewis, Joel Mariano
AnimationCyrus Kanga, Peter Lewis, Joel Mariano
Additional Graphics / ArtworkD. Brent Burkett, Tito Pagan, Thomas Van Velkinburgh
PhotographyDale Tendick
Theatrical CoordinatorSher Alltucker
DesignLangdon Beeck, Mike Jones, Dennis A. Kilgore, Alan Roberts
HistorianDennis A. Kilgore
ResearchJosie Haley Reese
MusicJan Paul Moorhead
Sound EffectsKen Rogers
Audio TechnologyHuman Machine Interfaces Inc., Sound Operating System
Sound InterfaceEdwin Wise
Quality Assurance ManagerDavid Steele
Lead TesterAlan Roberts
Quality AssuranceBarbara Beyer, Tucker Hatfield, Daniel Hinds, Chris Hunt, Duri Price, Corey Reese, Christopher K. Singleton, Gary Stevens, Randy Teal, Geoff Wright
Quality Assurance TechnicianJohn Wolf
Globalization ManagerNorman Nelson
TranslationKai Brinkmann, Mireille Wheeldon
WritersDennis A. Kilgore, Alan Roberts, Kurt Weber
EditorKurt Weber
DesignSue Roberts
Layout Cameron Mitchell, Sue Roberts
Publications ManagerKevin Lamb
Executive Producer (CD Version)Stewart Apelzin
Project Manager (CD Version)Jan Carpenter, Timothy S. Gerritsen
3D Introduction Art (CD Version)Cyrus Kanga, Peter Lewis, Bruce Powell
CD Conversion ProgrammingMiles Smith
Crew Speech ProductionSher Alltucker, Jan Paul Moorhead, Ken Rogers
Art DirectorJarrett Jester
ArtMike Jahnke
Online Manual ProgrammingHugh Diedrichs, Marta Kallstrom
Online Manual LayoutTimothy S. Gerritsen
Online Manual EditingDennis A. Kilgore
Online Manual Video ProducerStephen Ames, Dennis A. Kilgore
Online Manual Video EditingAdam Falk
Online Manual IntervieweesWilhelm Grap, Reinhard Hardegen, Hans-Georg Hess, Otto Kretschmer, J├╝rgen Oesten, Gerd Thater, Erich Topp, Otto Westphalen
Online Manual TranslationBarbara Beyer, Kai Brinkmann, Mireille Wheeldon
Special Thanks ToStephen Ames, Harry Cooper, Brian Danielson, Wilhelm Grap, Otto Kretschmer

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Credits for this game were contributed by jeff leyda (1603) and Patrick Bregger (134491)