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Achtung Spitfire Credits

Other Games

In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

J. C. Connors, 60 other games
Bill Lévay, 44 other games
Kurt Miller, 40 other games
Steven Holmes, 34 other games
Phyllis Opolko, 26 other games
Ben Knight, 25 other games
Charles Moylan, 17 other games
Daniel Walker, 8 other games
Donald Greenwood, 5 other games
Tyson C. Millbert, 4 other games


People who have worked on this game have also collaborated on the creation of the following games:

Over the Reich, a group of 8 people
History of the World, a group of 7 people
Defiance, a group of 7 people
Cavewars, a group of 6 people
Wooden Ships & Iron Men, a group of 6 people
Advanced Civilization, a group of 4 people
Flight Commander 2, a group of 4 people
Third Reich, a group of 4 people
1830: Railroads & Robber Barons, a group of 3 people
Avalon Hill's Diplomacy, a group of 3 people

Credits for this game were contributed by thalcos (1461)