Act of War: Direct Action Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Title
Random loading screen
Main Menu
Story mode lets you launch any of the singleplayer missions or to start the campaign
Opening credits are introduced along the intro cinematic to your first mission that takes place in Libya
Approaching the enemy camp (you'll be prompted if your troops are exposed to enemy fire)
Taking out the enemy structure and any outgoing enemy soldier
Heliport secured, but the enemy escaped (you can zoom in the battlefield to a pretty close range)
When the things escalate, the president himself will come for report
London police seems to have control over the riots, but you need to reach the Buckingham palace and make sure none of the "more important" people gets killed
Terrorist sniper is taking down your men from a safe distance, yet you are not allowed to engage the enemy but to hold the perimeter
The ambulance will heal your men when in range
Setting up an ambush for an upcoming armored vans
C.I.A. armored vans ambushed by enemy vehicles on your way to U.S. embassy
With snipers you can fire at enemy infantry that are inside the buildings
US forces in San Francisco seemed to have suffer great casualties, and your TFT special units will hopefully change the tide on the battlefield as you takeover the control of an allied base
Requesting Bradley class tank reinforcements to hold the line against enemy tanks
Enemy armoured vehicles are no match for your tanks and bunkers, but hence come in groups
Closing in on front line of the battle
Calling in an airstrike to help you deal with overwhelming enemy ground force
Buildings provide a perfect cover for your infantry against enemy tanks
Enemy barricade that needs to be dealt with before they call for backup
Sometimes it's very hard to tell who holds the upper hand in battle
When you're using tanks and choppers, civilian buildings will most likely absorb a great deal of damage
Mustering heavy forces before launching a large-scale attack on enemy stronghold
Mission objectives
Enemy base in chaos, more to the fact most of your units have high experience
Calling in an air-strike to clear the coastal defenses
After securing the beach perimeter, you can deploy your base and start prepping to deal with the rest of enemy inland forces
Rapid fight
Eliminate enemy forces
Team ready to action
Nice explosion
Attack on enemy truck
Zooming in on the ambulance car healing your troops
Aircraft carrier is joining the combat
Enemy MiGs incoming
Enemy troops are destroyed
Turrets are taking care of incoming infantry and armored vehicles
We got the terrorist leader in our hands, why do we still need him alive?
Tactical mini-nuke can clear away a few city blocks
Checking the result of a mini-nuke hitting the target