Action Fist Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Difficulty selection, the hardest ones are still locked.
Character selection screen
Setting the story
Level introduction screens remind of the first Sonic games.
Operating a lever to open the door
Enemies shooting from different directions.
Level completed
You can also shoot upwards.
Racing level
The level boss has been defeated.
Using the green ammo with two modifiers
I just passed the laser beams.
Another tough level boss
The Scorched Earth level
A secret area
If you want the green ammo, you will have to sacrifice red or yellow.
Spot the boss in the background
Fighting a giant snake
These cannons target you as well.
Use the air stream to float
The helicopter bombs the platform you're standing on.
A moody area
Rockets travel across the screen
Start of a metal level
Playing as Domingus