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    Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack features arcade action, exciting adventure and intriguing puzzles -- the absolute best from computer game history. The collection dares players to test their trigger fingers and creativity with titles like Decathlon, a complete reenactment of the hallowed 10-event Olympic competition; Little Computer People, in which the computer screen becomes a window into a three-story "House on a Disk" and its tiny inhabitant, who plays piano, reads, or listens to music depending on the care and support the player gives; Hacker, which unfolds with the prompt, "LOGON PLEASE" and challenges the player, sans instructions, to figure out the complex tale of espionage and nuclear secrets; Portal, the first interactive novel, where the player, an astronaut returning to an uninhabited Earth, can only decipher the mystery of humanity's disappearance by searching through a mainframe's 12 memory banks; and Beamrider, one of the first 3-D action games, where players are thrust into hyperspace to battle against enemy saucers.

    This exciting collection also features such legendary titles as Zenji, Top Fuel Eliminator, Alcazar, Toy Bizarre, Zone Ranger, Rock N' Bolt, Park Patrol, Web Dimension, Great American Cross-Country Road Race, and Master of the Lamps.

    Contributed by jean-louis (31985) on Jul 15, 2015.
    Forget about the cassette-tape drive -- Activision has put together 15 top Commodore 64 titles that you can simply plug into your Windows 95 machine and get crankin'. With its massive 64K of memory power, the Commodore 64 was the bomb circa 1984. Activision made the games that made the C64 -- and here they are, in Activision's Commodore 64 15-Pack. You'll relive why the C64 changed what we thought computer games could be, with such standouts as:

    • Hacker: Infiltrate an international network of espionage and nuclear secrecy just like a true-to-life high-tech burglar: via your computer and without any instructions
    • Beamrider: one of the first 3-D action games, where spaceships battle on a grid of obstacles and laser blasts
    • Portal: You return to earth after years in space, only to find that humanity has disappeared and only a computer's database contains the answers to the mystery
    • Little Computer People: Think you're responsible? This game gives you an e-house complete with a tiny occupant, who you must keep nourished, entertained and well read lest he die.
    • and a slew of other innovative titles: Decathlon, Zenji, Top Fuel Eliminator, Alcazar, Toy Bizarre, Zone Ranger, Rock n' Bolt, Park Patrol, Web Dimension, Great American Cross-Country Road Race and the arabesque Master of the Lamps.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (194487) on Mar 16, 2010.

Back of Box:
    It was the computer to own in the early 80's. With more than 4 million users, the Commodore 64 was the premier gaming platform and a home hacker's first love.

    The games created back than had real finesse, and the size of your imagination was more important than the size of your hard drive. Fortunately, you now have a chance to catch up to the original game masters with Activision's Commodore 64 15 Pack. Jam-packed with arcade action, exciting adventure and mind-bending puzzles, this collection contains the absolute best from computer gaming history.

    Great Games Never Die.
    This premium CD-ROM, designed for Windows 95, brings you great games from the past with today's performance:

  • Save games at any point.
  • Play multiple games in multiple windows concurrently.
  • Help Files contain game histories and interviews with designers.

    Ride the beams and save Earth.

    The ultimate sports challenge.

    Enter the mysterious world of "information retrieval!"

    A unique friendship awaits.

    An interactive novel about the future of mankind.

    Can you get connected to the Source?

    Speed, speed and more speed.

    Quest for the fabled Jeweled Throne.

    This time the toys are after you.

    Destroy the enemy satellites or else!

    A 100-story puzzle with blueprints, beams and bolts.

    Play lifeguard and ranger in this wacky forest frenzy.

    Darwin, Music, The survival of the funkfest.

    Can you make it to the finish line?

    Fly the magic carpet to your destiny.

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