Actua Ice Hockey 2 Credits


Lead ProgrammerDamian Hibbard
PC Engine and Motion Capture toolsMark Lord
Front End ProgrammerAndrew Brown
Lead Artists and AnimatorNick Gomersall
2d and RendersCris White
Front End Art and DesignerNicola Grice
Additional GraphicsSteve Warburton
MusicKevin Saville
SFXChris Sweetman
CommentatorsTony Millard, Bob Korol
Moving Picture Specialists - Editor and DirectorAlan Coltman
Moving Picture Specialists - Post EffectsSimon Short
MCD CaptainTony Wills
MCD Sergeant MajorMick Sheehan
MCD SergeantRob Millington, Andrew Lee
MCD PrivateMark Dimond, David Kirk, Mike Eyre
Test Field MarshallSteve Lycett
Lead PC Military PoliceEric Neilson
Military PoliceSam Attenborough, Sie Barlow, Phil Eckford, Nick Herring, Jonathon Wilson, Wayne Mellors, Asad Habib
Ancillary Military PoliceJames McCarthy
DTP ManagerMartin Calpin
PresenterRichard Cartwright, Chantal Beaumont, Kim Blake, Matt Furniss
Multilingual PresenterSarah Bennett
Software ManagerCarl Cavers, Tim Heaton
Creative ManagerPat Phelan
Project Information ManagerDave Nicholson
Sports ManagerCraig McCracken
ProducerSteven Zalud
Special ThanksNick Oxley, Michelle Kelso, Sydney Franklin, Jamie Gibson, Lisa Hibbard, Chris Kelland, Piero Greco, Matthew Radcliffe, Mike O'Conner, Chris Kelland, James Schall, Bob Peck, A. Marsh Gardiner, Mike McLeod, Susan T, Carole, Julie Cleary

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luis Silva (13621)