Adventure at the Chateau d'Or Credits (Windows)

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Adventure at the Chateau d'Or Credits


ProducerKevin Morris
StoryKevin Morris, Peter Snowden
ProgrammingKevin Morris
Original SoundtrackChris Theofanidas
3D Modelling and RenderingChristian Goyon, David Halvorsen, Leslie Morris
AnimationDavid Halvorsen, Jean-Luc Oyama-Jusseau, Shelby Ring
Graphic DesignDavid Halvorsen, Eric Mouton
Industrial DesignDavid Halvorsen, Kevin Morris, Leslie Morris
Lead TesterKatie Zimmerman
ActingJustine March (as The Princess)
Princess StylingJulia Hofmann, Amanda Kaiserman
Princess WardrobeEmanuel Ungaro
Princess Hair & MakeupChristine Cousty
Research and StoriesIsabelle L'Herbette, Kevin Morris, Peter Snowden
Box & PackagingDavid Halvorsen
InspirationMiles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, J. R. R. Tolkien
Special Thanks ToAhmed Al-Saleh, Aurelia Alcais, Catherine Billon, Peter Brigham, Jackie Elton, Lili Francklyn, David Holland, David Konuch, Dominique Leca, Robin Lemberg, Chris Morris, Gail Morris, Antoine Patte, David Rivington, Gloria Searls, Anne Toledano

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