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Back of Box - Macintosh & Windows (United States):

    3 Award-winning Titles for 1 Low Price! 23 Awards!

    Try these award-winning adventures that feature hours of exciting gameplay--while building skills in reading, math, science, and spelling.

    (Carmen Sandiego: Word Detective)

    Decode the Language Challenge!

    Become a well-versed Word Detective as you chase Carmen Sandiego through this language adventure! As Agent 13, you must uncover clues hidden in the V.I.L.E. hideouts, solve more than 60 spelling, grammar, and vocabulary activities, and collect secret codes to face Carmen's final challenge.

    Children Learn:

    • Word Definitions
    • Greek & Latin Word Roots
    • Dictionary & Reference Skills
    • Prefixes & Suffixes
    • Parts of Speech

    (The ClueFinders: Reading Adventures)

    Solve an Inter-Galactic Mystery!

    Join the Cluefinders as they are transported on an exciting journey across the galaxy to rescue a dying planet from the grasp of the sorceress, Malicia. Find the two halves of a missing amulet and save the kingdom. Beware - not all is at it appears!

    Children Learn:

    • Enriched Vocabulary
    • Context Clues
    • Reading & Comprehension
    • Spelling & Advanced Grammar
    • Critical Thinking & Strategy

    (Super Solvers: Gizmos & Gadgets)

    Calling All Scientists!

    Morty Maxwell has a one-track mind for science. He claims he can build the best auto, air, and alternative energy vehicles. Now he's challenging all Super Solvers to outrace him. To win, you'll need to build the fastest vehicle and beat him to the finish line!

    Children Learn:

    • Scientific Principles
    • Hand-On Experimentation
    • Electricity & Magnetism
    • Math & Problem Solving
    • Logical Reasoning

    Learning Has Never Been So Much Fun!

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (199871) on May 14, 2010.