The Adventures of Fatman: Toxic Revenge Credits


Game DesignMichael Doak
Game ProgrammingMichael Doak
Game EngineChris Jones
ArtworkMichael Doak
MusicMark J. Lovegrove
Executive ProducerMichael Doak

Voice Actors

AbdulMichael Doak
Apartment AttendantScott Muehleisen
BartenderJohn Bell
Billy BobMichael Doak
BouncerJamie Doak
BrunoJamie Doak
BumBrian Fry
Burrito Barn ClerkDerek Koerner
Buzzer Voice OneChuck Talcott
Buzzer Voice TwoMichael Doak
Fat ComputerMichael Doak
FatmanMichael Doak
GuitaristBen O'Connell
HaroldBrian France
HenchmenJoe Talcott
Itchy EddieMichael Doak
KnucklebonesMichael Doak
Mary Kate Cosmetic's BossChuck Talcott
Merv the punkDaniel J. Geduld
Narrator Błażej Dzikowski
SheriJoAnn Doak
Oldman FogertyMichael Doak
PeteDaniel J. Geduld
PolicemanVince Pfromm
ToxicmanFrancisco Gonzalez
Wrent A' Wreck ClerkRobin Doak

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8709)