The Adventures of Hyperman Credits


Created byKen Corr, Kevin O'Donnell, Craig Southard
Executive ProducersCraig Southard, Ken Corr, Kevin O'Donnell
ProducerCraig Southard
Written byKevin O'Donnell, Cliff MacGillivray
Senior DesignerKim Walls
Design TeamKim Walls, Craig Southard, Ken Corr, Kevin O'Donnell, Cliff MacGillivray
Lead ArtistAmanda Bereny
Character DesignPhil Mendez
ArtistsKelli Jayne Pearson, Andy Summers, Sunny Wei, Beth Lewis
Audio EditingDan Crane
Associate ProducerDan Crane
Production AssistantsGeorge Nachtrieb, Danielle DiSpaltro
Software Development TeamSAPIEN Technologies
Director of Software DevelopmentPaul Lamoreux
Lead TechnologistMarc Singer
ProgrammersCalvin Low, Ian MacDonald, Chris Yourch
Lead TesterMimivonk 
Best BoyFerdinand Rios
Interactive Sound DesignJon Hoffberg, Sound Mind
Science ConsultantsAndres Edwards, Brian Gibeson
Game ConsultantPeter Olotka
Video DigitizingBob Ripley, Pixel Post
Electron Microscope ScansBentham Imaging
Animation byMGM Animation
Animation ProducersJonathan Dern, Kelly Ward, Mark Young, Paul Sabella
Director of AnimationPaul Sabella, David Feiss
VoicesKevin O'Donnell (as Hyperman and Kidd Chaos), Frank Welker (as Entrobe), Joyce Gadiot (as Emma C. Squared), Mark Petrakis (as Announcer and Hyperboss)
Music Composition and OrchestrationEric Allaman
Animation Sound DesignAdvantage Studio

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Credits for this game were contributed by Tracy Poff (2025)