Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Credits (Windows)

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Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Credits


Inspired byDaniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe

MagicIndie Softworks

Written byVladislav Chetrusca
Programmed byVladislav Chetrusca
Leading artistDmitriy Timoshin
2D ArtistsAnastasia Meilous, Maria Alaeva, Mihail Batura, Dorian Pusca
Music and environmentsSomatone Interactive Audio
Sound effectsArthur Baryshev
Additional musicArthur Baryshev, Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (Classical music by)
Internal testingCociu Adrian, Chetrusca Maxim

Big Fish Games

Executive ProducerPatrick Wylie (as Pat Wylie)
Senior ProducerMelissa DiGioia
Associate ProducerBob Givnin, Jolene Oropilla
Game TextBob Givnin, Scott Olson
Partner RelationsNate Webb, Jessica Sachs, Jeffry Liptak, Jonathan Weekly, Gunnar Lemmon
QA ManagerBrander Roullett (as Brander Badger Roullett)
QA LeadBrishan Merrill-Brown
QAWendy Scodeller, Chris Tobolski, Michael Sunwoo, Ryan Gibson, Rye Johnson, Christina Kasinger, Kevin Loesken, Will Herschelman, Sergio Sanchez, John Schmidt, Peter Corwin, Aaron Weed
Chantelli Antiqua font byBernd Montag
Special thanksIon Chetrusca, Natalia Chetrusca, Alexander Karpeev, Colin Kastner

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80165)