The Adventures of Tintin: The Game Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen (Russian)
Main menu
Browsing an old book
Run Tintin... Again.
Fight tutorial
Interactive map screen (very amusing)
Outside Le ch√Ęteau de Moulinsart
Moulinsart basement
Stealth knock-out. Tintin must be a pretty strong fellow
Sometimes you play as Snowy the dog. Snowy's barking scares the rats
What's going on here?
Funny knock-out animations
Using flashlight to burn the insects
Throwing a ball to knock-out a guard
There guys are protected with umbrellas, you can only hit them from behind
Run Tintin, run!
Concept art (great style!)
Throwing an object to jam the gears
It's slippery (again, animations are hilarious)
Action set piece with a grappler
Boss fight with Allan (viewed from the villain's perspective)
Playing as Sir Francis
Escape the sinking ship!
Piloting a seaplane
And now driving motorcycle with a side car, chased by an army
Looking for Allan in Bagghar
Not exactly Uncharted, but for a game like this it will do
Underwater section
Using a parrot to fly around
You can't hit men in armor
Strong gust of wind
Dressed in the armor you are unstoppable
Challenges menu
Co-op campaign: Moulinsart acts as a hub with three distinct sections
Co-op campaign: helping each other to reach higher places
Co-op campaign: Tintin can use grappling hook
Co-op campaign: Level clear, though not all collectibles were found
Co-op campaign: since this campaign is happening inside Haddock's head while he's knocked-out, all sorts of weird stuff happen
Co-op campaign: bonus level
Co-op campaign: you get new characters by beating their heads as sub-bosses
Co-op campaign: Bianca Castafiore can double-jump and destroy glass surfaces
Co-op campaign: boss fight with giant Red Rackham
Co-op campaign: flying around
Co-op campaign: Tomson and Tompson can operate certain switches...
Co-op campaign:...and deflect projectiles
Co-op campaign: fighting Red Rackham and his galleon
Co-op campaign: Sir Francis can get inside portraits
Co-op campaign: upside down