Afterfall: InSanity Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Chapter loading screen with some random background information.
Dr. Albert Tokaj - badass psychiatrist and ruthless fighter.
Mutants attacking in some large storage area.
Accessing my PDA to review my current objectives.
It provides other information as well, like notes I've collected, enemy types etc.
You'll often come across these decontamination chambers: The orange field sweeps across the room a few times before you can proceed.
A cut scene involving some guards. Transitions to and from the normal playing perspective are seamless.
That one apparently likes getting close and personal with me. To bad I'm not interested..
Blood is never applied too sparingly in this game.
Picking up a note from a table.
Some textures in the game feature Polish text (even though it's the English version).
Hacking mini-game. This is quite often necessary to open locked doors.
Sometimes, you come across ammo dispensers. But not all of them contain supplies, and they can be used only once.
Fighting more mutants.
From time to time, individual mini-games have to be solved, which are different from the usual hacking.
You have to make your way through creepy and poorly lit corridors like this one a lot.
Ambushed by a mutant - the eye symbol indicates something requiring my attention. FearLock has just kicked in, causing the blurry vision and strange colors.
Being burned alive does not keep this beast from coming for me! Help!
Video surveillance monitors. These are found quite frequently, although they have no practical use (most of the time).
A very wide range of objects make good melee weapons in this game..
Keycard hunting with a twist - part I
Keycard hunting with a twist - part II
A computer room. The purpose of these mechanical crank/valve things is beyond me..
Again: Headshot!
Walking through the shelter with Karolina. She's another survivor of the infection - and Albert's girlfriend.
The white flashing indicates that I can climb on that crate.
Who the heck installed these pipes..
This short section provides some alternate gameplay: You navigate a remote controlled repair robot through some ventilation shafts.
In your face! Performing a finishing move.
Albert emerged onto the surface, finding an only slightly devastated city.
Another view on the city.
Running away from some foes. This is a quick-time event sequence.
And stay here!
Freak. Only death "cure" insanity.
Story screen
What a ugly face.
I see light!
Bloody execution