Pre-order deal

About a month before the game's release, Nicolas Games came up with an unusual "crazy deal", as they called it: Players could pre-order the game for just one dollar. The goal was to receive at least 10 million orders before release. If they had reached this goal, people would have gotten the game for the very low price along with the soundtrack and 10% of the revenue would have been donated to charity organizations. Otherwise, all pre-order money would have been donated and the full price would have been charged. They did not reach this ambitious goal, but decided to reward all participants by providing a 50% discount on the game.

Original concept

Initially, the game was a fan project by Polish gamers, who were trying to recreate the Fallout universe. It was meant to be a RPG titled Bourgeoisie: Pearl of the Wastelands. In 2009, this design direction was abandoned in favor of the action and horror oriented concept found in the actual game.

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