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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (Windows)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None Credits

The Adventure Company

Executive ProducerRobert Stevenson
ProducerMike Adams
International Product Marketing ManagerLorraine Lue
Associate Product MarketingChris Nesbitt
Product Manager EMEAJohn Gordon
Product Manager UKDeane Punter
Marketing Artistic Director EMEAOdile Mousseau
PR Coordinator North AmericaDuane Brown
Graphics Department SupervisorEdward Hatim
Lead IllustratorRussell Challenger
Lead Graphic DesignerJay Kinsella
Graphic DesignerEsther Sucre
PresidentRichard Wah Kan
CEORichard Wah Kan
V.P. Product Development & AcquisitionsRobert Stevenson
V.P. MarketingMarshall Zwicker
Marketing Director EMEASimon Vivien
WebmasterRyan Andal (
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadDan Dawang
TestersChristos Andrikakis, Anthony Finelli, Vasso T. Kontoulis, Suzanne MacGillivray, Chantal Mauro, Adrian Miller, Krystal Moon, Jeremy Norel
Game DesignLee Sheldon
Script EditorSteve Ince

AWE Games

Project DirectorScott Nixon
Art DirectorChad Read
Executive ProducerJames M. Wheeler
Lead Character AnimatorMike Niedda
ArtistsAndy Seredy, Cole Eastburn
Additional ProgrammingLes Bird, Keith Verity
Additional WritingScott Nixon
Additional AnimationCraig Kelly
Additional ArtShadows in Darkness
Cutscene AnimationReel Normal Corp.
Associate ProducerJohn Casamassina
Original MusicScott Nixon
Sound FXTrevor Talbird
Special ThanksMark Bradshaw, Aaron Runion, Michael Dubose, Chris Remy, Paul Denson, Robert Hume
Lead ProgrammerJamie Nye
Engine DevelopmentJamie Nye
Additional Music / Sound FXSound Ideas
Original Book Written byAgatha Christie

Enzyme Testing Labs

PresidentYan Cyr
Vice‑PresidentEmmanuel Viau
Compatibility TeamGuy Demers, Martine Boivert, Serge Handfield
Functionality TeamGuillaume Jolicoeur, Alexandre Lebel, Alexandre Phanor, Jean-Mathieu Foisy, Philippe Émond, Mélanie Labonté

Kohnke Communications

PR AgencyKohnke Communications
PresidentErica Kohnke Kain
PR RepresentativesChris Clarke, Robin John Rosales

Streko Graphics

Cutscene AnimationSergey Nartovich, Andrey Nartovich, Sergey A. Maskinskov, Andrei Ovsyannikov, Igor Podmogilnikov, Oksana Babeshko, Vladimir Malakhovsky, Olga Lebed, Evgeniy Lebed

Soundelux Design Music Group

Voice Over Business ManagerWilliam Beaman (Chip)
Voice Over CoordinatorsJacquie Shriver, Shannon Potter
Casting DirectorKeythe Farley
Voice Over DirectorsKeythe Farley, Mike Adams
Recording EngineersElliot Anders, Krandal Crews
Voice Over EditorsClint Richardson, Mark Camperell, Brad Beaumont
Production AssistantJustin Langley
InternsPatrick Ginn, Xavier Horan

Voice Over Actors

Patrick NarracottNolan North
The HarbormasterNolan North
Vera ClaythorneTina Payne
MotherTina Payne
Phillip LombardGregory Ellis
Fred FaineGregory Ellis
Emily BrentCarolyn Seymour
Ethel RogersCarolyn Seymour
Judge WargravePhilip Clark
U.N. OwenPhilip Clark
Dr. Edward ArmstrongPeter Lavin
Anthony MarstonPeter Lavin
Thomas RogersIan Abercrombie
General MackenzieIan Abercrombie
William BloreNeil Dickson

Chorion PLC

Crime Business ManagerTamsen Harward
AdministratorElaine Wiltshire
Special ThanksMathew Prichard (Chairman of Agatha Christie LTD.), Renata Richardson, Annette Béchamp, Tara Reed, Byron Gaum, St. Martin's Press, Portland PR, The Audio Partners, Creative Labs

Toneworx GmbH (German version)

TranslationTerence French
Dialogue DirectorStefan Brönneke (uncredited)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Terence French (19), stefan bronneke (26), Patrick Bregger (110112) and Jeanne (75620)