Agatha Christie: Peril at End House Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title Screen and Main Menu
Information on How to Play
Conversing with Miss Magdala "Nick" Buckley during introduction
Town Map
Seeking the items in Hotel Garden
Hastings tells that you have found a clue in Hotel Lobby, which may be examined by Miss Lemon
Decoding the letter from Miss Lemon
Tip to find necessary letters at Gate to End House
You've got a Clue Card from Ellen
Composing the Newspaper
Clue Card from Magdala "Nick" Buckley
Clue Card from Freddie Rice
Finding a clue in Nick's Bedroom
Try to open a safe during Bonus round
One of many letters found in the game, this time found in Challenger's yacht
Clue Card from Challenger
Clue Card from Lazarus
"Match the equal items" puzzle
Nick invites her cousin Maggie
Clue Card from Maggie Buckley
Clue Card from Mr. Croft
Ellen's expensive tickets
Clue Card of Mrs. Croft
At Cliff Edge of lawn in the evening
Something awful has happened in the End House
Maggie Buckley was murdered
Combine the radio
The only voice-overs are from the radio telling about the death of Michael Seton
Who is this Milly "The Forger"?
Clue Card from Charles Vyse
At the Beach
You have opened another safe
Miss "Nick" Buckley was poisoned...
Move the chocolates of different shapes to fit their places
"Open the watch" puzzle
Clue Card from Inspector Japp
Finding the Mauser
Clue Room with Clue Cards
Have you solved the case?
Poirot describes the results of his investigation