Age of Japan II Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
Opening story
The game map
This is shown before each level. If you hqave enough money, you can buy equipment and/or bonuses.
Level 1
Level Up
You win
I am using the sword to clear an item. It will not clear the gray tile, though.
Do I want to buy the shin guards?
Bonus Level
I have freed a piece of the puzzle.
I won the bonus level.
The gold tiles need to be matched twice to clear them.
The locked items cannot move until they are unlocked. To unlock them, match them.
Using the helmet to reshuffle the items.
I used the shin guards to clear one fifth of the board.
I ran out of time. I can try again.
The game in puzzle mode. I need to clear the number of each item shown at the top.
I cleared the level in puzzle mode.
The game using the gems instead of items.
Exit screen
Title screen and main menu (Russian version)
Title screen and main menu (German version)