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Age of Mythology: The Titans (Windows)

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ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

User Reviews

A decent expansion pack with nifty extras HandofShadow (49) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
Does for Age of Mythology what the Conquerers Expansion did for Age of Kings James Kirk (159) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.9
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.3
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Overall MobyScore (23 votes) 4.3

The Press Says

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Age of Mythology: The Titans is a must have expansion pack! This game provides another captivating story that will not let players go until they find out what happens in the end! If you own Age of Mythology you owe it to yourself to pick up this expansion pack as soon as possible!
GameStar (Germany)
So wünsche ich mir ein Addon: Ein zusätzliches Volk mit einer spannenden Kampagne und noch ein paar sinnvolle spielerische Neuerungen obendrein. Vor allem die Titanen machen Laune, auch wenn sie erst ziemlich spät in der Story auftauchen. Dafür räumen die Jungs und die neuen Mythen-Monster in Multiplayer-Partien richtig auf. Sehr gut gelungen sind die Götter der Atlanter mit ihren teils sehr spektakulären Kräften. Ein kleines Manko von Titans ist allerdings der relativ geringe Umfang: Nach rund zwölf Stunden ist die Kampagne gelöst. Aber bis dahin gibt’s erstklassige Unterhaltung für Strategen.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Age of Mythology: The Titans succeeds on every level. It further raises the bar for Ensemble Studios’ Age series and all real-time strategy titles that follow it, both in and out of this product line. It summons into an already great game compelling storytelling elements, excellent graphical variety, solid strategy, and extremely high polish and production value. While they do resemble the Greeks in many ways, the Atlanteans are truly unique and require a wholly different approach to success than any of the existing three civilizations. The addition of the titans also changes the playing field entirely, giving this offering a new spin and a new lease on life. The Titans is a must have for every Age of Mythology owner.
I've been looking forward to the Age of Mythology expansion pack, The Titans, for quite some time. I was a big fan of the original game, but there's no denying that it had flaws. Titans, though, seemed like it would not only fix some of the gameplay issues in the original title, but the new civilization and new gameplay features would add enough to AoM to make it fulfill that original promise of greatness.
Sure, I'd still like to have seen a completely new civilization based on an entirely different set of myths, but The Titans serves as a nice coda to the previous game, which I'm not sure would've been possible if the series had branched out a bit more. In the end, the balance and personality are what keep me coming back for more.
Gameguru Mania
I really liked the original game (review 92%) and as I expected the expansion was worth the wait. The beauty of this game is not only the ease of play and the increasing challenges, but the fact that it's huge - you'll be playing it for a long time, as opposed to other war strategy games out there that have a finite playability. If you are an Age of Mythology fan, this expansion pack is highly recommended.
Ein sehr gutes Add-On zu einem ausgezeichneten Spiel. Die Qualität von "The Frozen Throne" erreicht "The Titans" nicht. Für Fans des Strategiespiels ist ein Kauf allerdings ohnehin obligatorisch. Wäre der Umfang ein wenig üppiger ausgefallen, hätten wir noch ein paar Punkte mehr springen lassen.
Gaming Nexus
The Titans expansion adds quite a bit more of that Age of Mythology goodness. It doesn’t really change anything from the original, however. Those that enjoyed Age of Mythology will likewise enjoy the additions made in the expansion, and die-hard fans will appreciate the tweaks made to the units and buildings. Those not thrilled with the original would do best to steer clear, since very little has been done in the way of improvements. Regardless, Age of Mythology: The Titans is a solid expansion pack, and fans of the original would do well to give it a look.
Mit 'Titans' ist den 'Age of Mythology'-Machern ein solides Add-on gelungen, an dem es nur wenig auszusetzen gibt. Die Singleplayer-Kampagne hat mich persönlich gefesselt und zu immer weiteren Spielen angespornt, da die Story um das Schicksal Atlantis' zu begeistern vermag. Atlantis, als neu hinzugefügte Zivilisation, macht mit ihren neuen Möglichkeiten von Zaubern, mythologischen Einheiten und dem speziellen Heldensystem mächtig Spaß. Auch die Karten sind ansprechend, durchdacht erstellt und bieten Platz für reichlich Spielspaß. Schade ist, dass das Augenmerk bei der Erweiterung hinsichtlich der Neuerungen nur auf die neue Zivilisation gelegt wurde. Für einen ausgezeichneten Eindruck hätte ich mir mehr Innovationen gewünscht, die über eine Erweiterung durch ein neues Volk hinausgehen. Trotzdem haben die Ensemble Studios mit 'Titans' ein angemessenes Expansion Pack abgeliefert, das eine insgesamt sehr gute Figur macht.
Age of Mythology, oh what a beautiful time I had with this game and still have with it. To my big pleasure I got the chance of reviewing The Titans, the expansion set for this beautiful game. The fact that I had to shut down the internet connection of half the crew, kill a quarter of them and bribe the rest, couldn't spoil my luck. On the contrary. The sense of victory was great, so all pepped up and god-like I started at The Titans.
PC Gameplay (Benelux)
En wie levert er tegenwoordig nog een extra vierde ras in een uitbreiding van een RTS? Kopen die handel! Age of Mythology: Titans is een voorbeeldige uitbreiding die het spelplezier van een inmiddels klassieke RTS nog aanzienlijk verlengd.
Dans l'absolu, AoM : The Titans pourra être considéré comme une simple extension de AoM. Et en effet, si on survole le peu de nouveautés ce sera effectivement le cas. Par contre si on prend son temps on se rendra compte que les Atlantes, en tant que nouvelle civilisation, apporte son lot de nouveautés et que la campagne supplémentaire est suffisamment ardue (comptez entre 15 et 20 heures pour la terminer) pour que vous ressortiez AoM de sa boîte. The Titans est en définitive un add-on peu épais mais bon dieu quel plaisir quand on y joue !!
FileFactory Games / Gameworld Network
Despite that, The Titans is a wonderfully well-developed and fun expansion and for anyone with the original Age of Mythology it is a must buy.
Deaf Gamers
The Titans is certainly a very good expansion pack and fans of Age of Mythology will certainly be pleased by it's content. There are no problems for deaf gamers and the game is just as deaf gamer friendly as Age of Mythology. The campaign cutscenes are subtitled and various speech messages appear on screen in text too. Audible warnings are highlighted on the mini-map. The Titans is not as complete an expansion pack as The Conquerors expansion was for Age of Empires II (which was incredible and perhaps the best expansion for any RTS) but it's certainly a fine accompaniment to what was is an excellent game.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
Zoveel nieuws heeft deze AoM: The Titans niet te bieden (één nieuwe beschaving); gelukkig heeft de diepgang van deze add-on behoorlijk wat weg van een bodemloze put, aangezien een fonkelnieuwe beschaving met drie nieuwe primaire goden ervoor zorgt dat er voldoende potentiële confrontaties mogelijk zijn, en waarvoor je nieuwe strategieën moet uitdokteren. Elke fan van Age of Mythology is dan ook een beetje verplicht dit expansiepack in huis te halen.
Game Over Online
Issues aside, The Titans still proves the old adage of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” While the length of the single player could’ve been extended, the addition of the titans as a “doomsday” weapon and the elder gods provides a creative extension to the original title. Let’s just hope that we get more cultures and missions if Microsoft decides to revisit this series!
In closing, I recommend this expansion to anyone who has enjoyed the original game. The Titans is not a stand-alone expansion pack, which means you'll have to own a copy of the original, and it retails for roughly thirty bucks. The nice thing about it is that the expansion provides enough variety to warrant a purchase even if that means you'll have to buy the original to play it. My congrats to the team at Ensemble Studios for a job well done on polishing up some of the deficiencies of the original and enriching the game world with more creatures and deeds of heroism from the ancient times. Sure, not everything is perfect, and I refer here mainly to the questionable unit balancing, but I'm sure Ensemble can straighten this out with an adequate patch. What's important is that, overall, The Titans definitely takes the franchise in the right direction, which is exactly what fans, and we game reviewers, are looking for.
Game Revolution
While not innovative in any way, Age of Mythology: The Titans is everything you should expect from a quality expansion. Plenty of new stuff, but also gameplay refinements and the attention to detail that shows the developers cared about their product. Mythology fans planning to cripple their fathers should postpone and pick up The Titans instead. At least for a while…
The expansion pack to last year's outstanding real-time strategy game Age of Mythology includes some big, new additions. Literally. Appropriately titled "The Titans," this add-on lets you summon enormous monstrosities to support your armies in the latter stages of a battle. These creatures are so powerful that only a large, concentrated force, or another titan, can defeat them. Furthermore, The Titans lets you play as an entirely new civilization, Atlantis, in addition to the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse civilizations included in the first game. Atlantis figures prominently in the expansion pack's single-player campaign, and the addition of the completely new civilization fleshes out this complex real-time strategy game in skirmishes both against the computer and against other players.
Titans Expansion on teknisesti toimiva ja sen perusydin on kunnossa. Se on vain kovin hengetön ja tarinassa ei ole ykkösosan potkua. Tehtävät ovat perustason etsi ja tuhoa -tasoa, eivätkä ne ole kovin pitkiä.
Overall Age of Mythology: The Titans has some great new features and units. If you have the original this expansion pack is one you must get your hands on. It adds a lot more to the game experience as well as considerable longevity to the original.
GBase - The Gamer's Base
Age of Mythology: Titans muss sich wohl oder übel den Vergleich zu den fast zeitgleich erschienen Addon-Mitstreitern gefallen lassen. Und da fehlt es dem Sprössling der Ensemble Studios an Innovation. Zwar darf sich ein AoM-Fan dieses Stück Zusatz-Software nicht entgehen lassen, jedoch hätte man sich noch ein bisschen mehr einfallen lassen müssen, um den Spieler längerfristig an den Monitor zu fesseln.
Mit Age of Mythology haben die Ensemble Studios im Vorjahr wohl eines der besten Echtzeitstrategiespiele des Jahres abgeliefert. Wie auch der grosse Konkurrent Warcraft III eine Erweiterung (Frozen Throne) spendiert bekam, liefert man für AoM das Add-On The Titans. Nachdem wir bereits in einem ausführlichen Preview unsere Eindrücke zur neuen Kampagne und den zusätzlichen Features beschrieben hatten, gibt es jetzt noch einmal eine Zusammenfassung und Bewertung in Form eines Reviews.
Strategy Informer
So, the storyline is good, the cutscenes slick, the Titans awesome and the graphics/sound much the same standard as the original. For an expansion the learning curve is surprisingly shallow allowing you to quickly re-acquaint yourself with the controls. The manual tells you all you need to know so no problems there either. A minor quibble being it is still hard to differentiate between heroes & normal units – the slight halo/glow doesn’t quite cut it. For the price I expected a bit more than was delivered and it might be worth waiting for the normal combi pack for those players who do not have the original (why not – it was a great game!!!!)
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Fer dedicated fans who tire of the same gameplay and sides, Titans adds enough to the multiplayer game to make it worth the expansion-pack price. Casual RTS gamers who just want to beat on the computer with titan units, however, should stay away.
Game Reality
Age Of Mythology - The Titans Expansion on perinteisimmän luokan lisäleyvy, joka tarjoaa periaatteessa lisää sitä samaa muutamilla uusilla lisäherkuilla höystettynä. Yksinpelikokemuksena jää valitettavasti hieman lyhytikäiseksi.
Joystick (French)
Sans être révolutionnaire, cet add-on rajoute suffisamment de nouveaux éléments pour être intéressant. La possibilité d'utiliser le Titan se révèle un pari risqué, que n'hésiteront pas à relever les joueurs aventureux. Aucun des manques de l'interface n'a été corrigé, et on le regrette d'autant plus que le jeu pourrait offrir une alternative aux lassés des rushs de Warcraft III.
Game Chronicles
Microsoft has continued to make some very solid games for the PC, even after diverting their attention to the Xbox. Age of Mythology: The Titans expansion is still of very good quality, but it seems like only the die-hard fans of the previous games will really jump on it. While the Atlanteans are cool, and it’s always fun to level your enemies’ towns with a 4-story creature, it’s a pretty steep price to pay. You may want to wait for this expansion to become part of a bigger AOM bundle.
70 (UK)
Ultimately, The Titans provides just about enough to be worthy of the price of entry if you're an Age of Mythology fan. The new single-player campaign is slickly presented and a lot of fun, while the addition of the new race and the Titans themselves should give a fair bit of extra longevity to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Changes elsewhere are minimal - the only major one we noticed was the ability to tell buildings to continue producing a certain type of unit indefinitely, which is useful but can also be economically crippling if you forget that you've clicked it - not one for the absent minded. All in all, we're fairly happy to recommend The Titans to fans of the original Age of Mythology - at the price of entry of an expansion pack, it'll provide plenty more solid entertainment and should fill a gap until the next excellent PC strategy title arrives in stores.
Fidèle à leurs politiques commerciales et créatrices, Microsoft et Ensemble Studios nous dépêchent leur traditionnelle extension, un an après la sortie de l’opus de base, ici Age of Mythology. Intitulée très pertinemment The Titans, cette seconde salve de Mythologie stratégique se compose d’une nouvelle civilisation – les Atlantes -, d’une nouvelle unité – l’impressionnant Titan – et d’une myriade d’innovations dites de gameplay. Même si l’extension ne s’avère pas titanesque (ha-ha..), elle ravira sans aucun doute les aficionados de la version de base, et de nos jours, c’est malheureusement tout ce qu’on demande à une extension digne de ce nom.