Age of Mythology: The Titans Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main Menu
Selecting the Titans Campaign
The Titans Campaign
Loading screen
Opening video- Kronos' messenger
Sleepy Atlantean village
Starting off Mission 1
Options for a single player skirmish map
more settings
Choosing a God to upgrade under
The On Screen Dictionary explains what everything is.
A titan 50,000 hit points!!
Fighting Promethus
The story is narrated with the help of cut-scenes
Cerberus, another titan you have to deal with.
The Frost Giant is attacking a Viking settlement.
Let the Hydra kill some enemies and they will grow another head.
King Folstag and our heroes are battling the titan Ymir.
Overview: god powers, buildings, units and upgrades
The Son of Osiris is awakening the Guardian.
It's time to cast the deconstruction spell on Odin's Tower.
Run Ajax, run!