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Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales (Windows)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales Credits


Executive ProducerDmitry Arkhipov
Project LeaderArtem Romanko
Lead ArtistNikolay Lobzov
Art SupervisorYury Rohach
Lead ModelerYury Rohach
ModelersNatalya Romanova, Yury Ruskevich, Elena Sablina, Anton Fedotov, Anton Polyakov
TexturingYury Rohach, Elena Sablina, Oleg Suhanov, Anton Fedotov
AnimationVladimir Yarmolik, Artem Tsygankov, Semen Lebedev
ArtistSpartak Sharipov
Lead DesignerArtem Romanko
DesignersDmitry Baranov, Andrey Osipov
InterfacesArtem Romanko
ProgrammersNikita Kurnosov, Sergey Makeev, Maxim Spirenkov, Ivan Scheblykin
Multiplayer ProgrammerIvan Scheblykin
Installation ProgrammerVladimir Korotkov
G U I ‑ ProgrammingNikita Kurnosov
G U I ‑ ScriptingArtem Romanko, Nikita Kurnosov
Lead ScripterArtem Romanko
ScriptersDmitry Baranov, Andrey Osipov
Music created byYury Poteenko
Sound ProducerGennady Papin
MontagePavel Lavrinenkov
Performance Conducted byA. A. Vedernikov
Performance byPhilharmonic Russian Orchestra out of Moscow
Sound TechnicianYury Galstyan
Sound EngineFMOD Ex Sound System, Firelight Technologies
Video Reel ProductionsCool Key Studio
Video Reel MontageYury Rohach
Video Reel SoundYury Galstyan
TestingMaxim Romanko, Nikita Altman, Semen Lebedev, Denis Epifanov
MarketingIrina Semenova, Olga Pak, Andrew Sokolov
PRIrina Semenova, Olga Pak, Andrew Sokolov


ProducersSergey Gerasev, Konstantin Shavruk
MarketingNikolay Barishnikov, Anatoliy Subbotin, Alexey Artemenko
PRNikolay Barishnikov, Anatoliy Subbotin, Alexey Artemenko
TestingAlexandr Shishov, Alexandr Barkov, Dmitry Kiyatkin, Dmitry Savin, Alexander Shelaputov
Special thanks toYury Miroshnikov, Alexandr Gurin


Executive Vice PresidentRogier W. Smit
Chief Technical OfficerDominique Morel
Production DirectorDominique Morel
Chief Marketing / Vice PresidentStefan Layer
Sales Offer / Vice PresidentStefan Layer
Sales ManagerRussell Beadle
Marketing ManagerBeco Mulderij
Product Support Services ManagerOlivier Robin
Product ManagerJens Eischeid
Corporate Communications & PR ManagerEsther Berger
Content Development ManagerEric Bartelson
Special thanks toWillem M. Smit (Chief Executive Officer), Jan Willem Kohne (Chief Financial Officer)
Testing TeamRelQ Labs
Lead TesterNaveen N. Belavadi
Support Lead TesterDeepak P.
Project ManagerVenugopal S
Business ManagerGuillaume Fournier

IMC - InteractiveMedia Consulting GmbH

Senior ProducerTorsten Hess
Assistant ProducerChristopher Melzig, Marc Niedenzu
Public Relations EuropeIngo Horn (Head of Communication)
In-game texts & manual EnglishGuy Cole
In-game texts & manual FrenchIsabelle de Rose
In-game texts & manual ItalianFederica Masante
In-game texts & manual GermanRolf Klischewski, Sieggi Fleder
In-game texts & manual SpanishMaría José Asis, Elena Martos de las Heras, Elizabeth Sanchez León
Video ProductionHaiko Ruttmann
Voice Talents ‑ EnglishElizabeth Mayfield, Trevor Clayton, Mario Russo, John R. Redhead
Voice Talents ‑ FrenchFanette Boureux, Frederic Sallenave, Alwin Anwander, Richard Siaugue
Voice Talents ‑ GermanManuela Böhm, Rene Baaken, Dirk Kohler, Willi Meyer
Voice Talents ‑ ItalianClaudia Bustos Nalli, Jean Rojas Bustos, Franco Peri Bustos, Andreo Perimunos
Voice Talents ‑ SpanishVictoria Albons Ferra, Rafael Juan Matas, Esteban Marti Sampol, Jaime Albons Massanet
Special ThanksIMC testing team, Manus Cleven, Luzy & Moritz, Thomas Schaefer (Chief Executive Officer)
Publis Relations USAKohnke Communications, Robin John Rosales
Box & Logo, Tom Thiel, Ricarda Thiel, Jörgen Schlegel (doXupport)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69743) and Patrick Bregger (118229)