Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Choose ye poison. The dynamic menu is not only animated, but varies between both night and day scenes.
Shark siblings. Choose between Blaze or Beatrice Shark as your character, as well as a number of game settings.
Blaze of glory. Part of the opening cut scene for the male protagonist.
Bonny Beatrice. The female heroine's opening scene has her discovering another part of the torn flag.
Well at least he knows more about geography than a Miss America contestant. Hire and assign officers who gain experience and skills along with you.
Up for a cruise? The map screen, which unfortunately shows you the predominant area you'll play in (no northern of South America).
Pirates vs Ninja? Why not both!?!! Your assigned 'fighters' will accompany you on all away missions.
Lady of the Night. Beatrice is put off that the shop is close and locked up at night.
I don't think this empty rum bottle works well. Despite it not being very clear, you can somehow identify captains even with your first spyglass.
Never stand by a tree in a lightning storm. Unfortunately at sea, your ship IS the tree.
What? No jewelry slots? Along with skills, you and your crew have a limited inventory that adds a bit of RPG flavor.
My name isn't Inigo Montoya and you didn't kill my father, but prepare to die anyway! Dueling a ship captain.
This guy really wants his privacy! You can talk, trade, and threaten ship captains you meet on the seas.
So much piracy going on. Close in on the travel screen and you can see ships coming and going and engaging one another.
Who's manning the wheel? You can sail or fight in the 'on deck' view, but you don't see your sailors in this mode.
Putting to sea with town and fort behind us. The sailing graphics are very pretty.
I didn't know ants could sail. The travel screen, zoomed all the way out.
You might want to take care of that roof... While limited in terms of where you can go, towns are detailed and varied.
Voodoo? Whodoo? Random quest givers wander the streets, offering different stories for the same small selection of missions.
Lady of all she surveys. Beatrice watches her crew engage the enemy in a boarding fight.
Well, at least you guy got the port side part down this time! Early on your crew can't hit the side of a barn, even at close range.
Glad we have a bigger boat! Huge sharks patrol around our ship, hoping we'll make their next meal walk the plank.