Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic Credits

Triumph Studios

Designer Lennart Sas
DirectorLennart Sas
Lead ProgrammerArno van Wingerden
ProgrammerJosh Farley
ArtistsMao-lin Liao, Jarno Cordia, Lennart Sas, Niel Vredeveldt, Martijn Holtkamp, Bjoern Boerkur Eirhksson, Milan Rijsdijk
ScenariosArnout Sas, Peter de Groot, Martijn Holtkamp, Djurre van Dijk, Josh Farley, Arno van Wingerden, Menno Sas, Steven Woltering
Additional DesignArnout Sas, Peter de Groot, Martijn Holtkamp, Djurre van Dijk, Josh Farley, Arno van Wingerden, Menno Sas, Steven Woltering
MusicMason B. Fisher
Sound EffectsMason B. Fisher
VoicesPaul Knox (as Merlin), Elizabeth Webster (as Julia)
WritersRaymond Bingham, Josh Farley
Additional Art from AoW2 by Poptop SoftwareBrian Feldges, Todd Bergantz, David Deen, Paul Mullen
Manual authored by the Stratos GroupDuane Budd, Noah Conrad, Brett Norton, Matthew Rorie, Zack Schiel
Triumph Studios would like to thankAll the AoW and AoW2 gamers for giving valuable feedback, All the folks at, Phil Steinmeyer, Pop Top Software, Jay Wilbur, Epic Games, The ex-Gathering Dallas staff, Gamespy, Daniel Cook, And all the people we have worked with throughout the years


ProducerChris Lacey
Executive ProducerRupert Easterbrook
Technical ProducerSajjad Majid
Development DirectorLuke Vernon
Marketing DirectorSarah Seaby
Project ManagerChristina Camerota
PresidentKelly Sumner
Vice PresidentGraeme Struthers
Special ThanksPhil Steinmeyer, Susan Catley

Take 2 International

VP of International MarketingChristoph Hartmann
International Product ManagerGabriel Wunderlich
International Materials Co-ordinatorKarl Unterholzner
WebmasterAlexander Harlander

Take 2 (Europe)

International Managing DirectorGary Lewis
Business Affairs DirectorSimon Little
Group Production Co‑ordinatorChris Madgwick
Group Localisation Co-ordinatorMaike Köhler
Group Production ManagerJon Broadbridge
Group Design ManagerJames Crocker
DesignerJames Quinlan
Group Operations Director Anthony Todd
UK Product ManagerGary Sims
UK PR ManagerNick Boulstridge
UK Online Marketing Manager Julian Hoddy

Take 2 (Europe) QA

QA ManagerMark Lloyd
QA SupervisorKit Brown
QA TestersDenby Grace, Antoine Cabrol, Michael Emeny, Steven Bell, Stephen McGagh, Philip Alexander, Timothy Bates, Charlie Kinloch, Lee Johnson, Simon Lawrence, Jon Gittus

Gathering US

ProducerTimothy Beggs
Vice President of PublishingChris Mate
Marketing DirectorGreg Bauman
Channel Marketing ManagerMark Moon
PR ManagerAnne Marie Sims
Art DirectorMike Snyder
Graphic ArtistChristine Bates
MarCom CoordinatorDavid Thomas
WebmasterRobert Fletcher
Web AdministratorBen Hamel
QA ManagerPhil Santiago
QA LeadsJoshua Noll, Josh Rose
QA TestersTom McConlogue, Scott Vail
Tech SupportStephen B. Thomas, Patricia Saneman, Kathy Young, Daniel Karp, Brian Russel, Craig Crouse, Pete Stewart, Adam Egender, Judy Pentz
Special ThanksPeggy Zoltan, Linda Wratchford, Cassandra Wilson, Wanda Mitchell

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (178299), Grov (667), Jeanne (76650) and formercontrib (159905)