Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Intro scene - Julia
Intro scene - Shadow demon surprise...
Campaign - Choose your destination
Intro to first campaign scenario
You can also play randomly generated maps
Snowy landscape
City management in the underground
A shadow portal
The shadow world
Spell research
Diplomacy negotiations
Zoomed out view of the map
Wasteland battle
The map editor
The map editor lets you insert your own wizard and hero images
Magneto's helmet
Choose a scenario
Hobbit mage Symon
Minotaur on battlefield
Move to wreck
Hydra is a dangerous enemy
Mysterious lightball?
Human mage Julia
River to explore
Ork mage Skulkan
Cannons vs Lightball?? Nice.
Fire & watch death dwarf berserker
Boar rider
Cavalry charge