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AGON: Episode 3 - Pirates of Madagascar Windows Arrival on the beach in Madagascar


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Private Moon Press Release:
    Private Moon Studios announces the release of the third episode of AGON under the title Pirates of Madagascar for purchase and downloading from the official website of the game ( on 27 September 2004. Private Moon Studios is informing the press of the following events:

    On 27 September 2004 the part 3 of the adventure games series, AGON will be released. A new NetBoard, which is an online board game, is following shortly the release of part 3. The Macintosh versions of the current AGON episodes is expected this year. Episode 4 under development.

    The small developer team has created the most beautiful and largest AGON episode that comes with the longest playing time, which will be for sale for a similar price as earlier ones from the day of the release. The gamer encounters a larger area to be discovered, more scenes, more characters, puzzles, background music and cut-scenes, in Pirates of Madagascar.

    The game continues to feature the merits of earlier episodes also acknowledged in reviews: among other features its special atmosphere, the beautiful pre-rendered environment, the exquisite background music, and the actors' splendid performance in dubbing. But some minor changes and developments are also noticeable. Graphics is perhaps even prettier than before and it is even more life-like thanks to real time 3D elements. Puzzles perfectly fit into the story and the tropical environment, and more emphasis has been laid on communication with characters encountered.

    Following the tracks of the second lost board game, Professor Samuel Hunt arrives in a paradise-like Madagascar, where success seems easy this time. The only living descendant of the family that was cursed once is the chief of a harmless fishing tribe and the village is only a few steps from the shore where he arrives. However his peaceful arrival meets surprising resistance and it seems it is hopeless to try to come near the chief. He is forced to find another way to the solution. Discovering the coast of the area, its lush jungle and clearings, which hide secrets, he comes across an unusual human abode and its inhabitant. Through him he gets to know a strange legend that goes back to decades, which speaks of a mysterious treasure among other things. Like from a rather incomplete jigsaw puzzle, he comes to the conclusion that if he discovers the truth of the legend, he can also get closer to his own aim, and so he may also have the chance to meet the distrustful villagers.

    Of course, gamers will also get to know an ancient board game at the end of the story, this time the Malagasy Fanorona. The new online board game software (AGON NetBoard) connected with episode three will soon be downloadable from AGON's official website (, which will enable gamers to invite friends or other AGON fans living at the other end of the world to play Fanorona this time. The client programme is free of charge for buyers of Pirates Of Madagascar.

    The new division of Private Moon Studios created in the past few months has made considerable headway in converting the game for the Macintosh platform. The work is at its final stages, therefore hopefully it is not only a wish to release all three AGON episodes in a Mac format in 2004. Details will soon be provided in another press release.

    The team is already working on the fourth AGON adventure which takes the gamer to Europe but to a similarly special scene this time. Professor Hunt will visit Toledo, Spain a beautiful city of medieval atmosphere in the episode entitled The Lost Sword of Toledo, where complications await him again. Among other adventures, stealing works of art, a secret occult company, a strange will and a marriage to be prevented are on his plate, and of course an exciting board game to call in mind the times of the Moor.

    On the Developers:
    Private Moon Studios is a small but professional multimedia development studio in Hungary, who are realizing with AGON their long cherished dream. This team of seven consisting mainly of devoted adventure gamers decided to tell a fourteen-episode saga in an interactive way, in which the story is woven around board games of a mystic origin and a mysterious codex. Private Moon, which has gained a rather good reputation in Hungary in the past ten years published the first episode of AGON in September 2003, the initial steps of which we could take as Professor Samuel Hunt among the walls of the British Museum in London a hundred years ago.

    2004-09-27 Private Moon Studios Website: Info: [email protected]

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