A.I. Wars: The Insect Mind Credits (Windows)

A.I. Wars: The Insect Mind Windows Cybug A.I. Language (CAICL) Editor - The heart of A.I. Wars!


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A.I. Wars: The Insect Mind Credits


A.I. Wars concept and designJohn A. Reder
ProgrammingJohn A. Reder
2D MIDI musicJohn A. Reder
Some splash screens textures and artworkJohn A. Reder
Some rendered splash screens and most in game 2D Cybug, effect and environmental 2D graphics and 3D Cybug FlagAlvin Helms
CAICL editor design input provided byVidar Braut Haarr
3D Engine MIDI music byPIX
Tournament level Cybugs have been donated byDevon Ellis, Tony Dwyer, Marty Lawson, Ted Mitchell, James Press, Shea Parkes, Steven Mast, Esa-Pekka Pälvimäki

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