Airfix: Dogfighter Credits


President (Paradox Entertainment)Nils Gulliksson
ProducerChristofer Sundberg
Graphic DesignDaniel Nygren
Project Manager (UDS)Karl-Magnus Troedsson
Lead ProgrammerMattias Olsson
Lead ArtistPeter Andersson
ProgrammersMax Bennedich, Mikael Berglund, Tomas Eriksson, Patrik Hedmalm
ArtistsLeonard Krylov, Karl-Magnus Troedsson
3D EngineAlexander Boczar, Daniel Strandgren
Music CreatorChristian Björklund
SFX CreatorChristian Björklund
Additional ProgrammersErik Hemming, Carl Lundqvist
Additional ArtistGabriel Odgren
Intro AnimatorTorbjörn Olsson
Hardware SupportAdam Frankel
Internal ProductionAlan Bunker, Thomas Löfblad, Peter Zetterberg
Office AdministratorPetra Karlsson
Development Partners Director (EON Digital Entertainment)Graeme Boxall
Development AssistantAlys Robinson
Product ManagerSara Pelton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (200677), Rantanplan (1826) and stpe (183)