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Airfix: Dogfighter (Windows)

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Category Description MobyScore
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.1
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Overall MobyScore (7 votes) 3.9

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This game is one of those games you can play for hours, take a break and go back for more. Each mission is different as you have such a variety of planes to choose from. Creating the homefield, making your plane your way and search and find feature are just a few of the many, many pluses with this game. You are also given a choice of weapons, bombs and rockets not to mention machine guns to win this game, which is icing on the cake. Once you feel like the sky is not the limit and only the beginning you are ready to take on other aircraft and let the fighting begin!
Absolute Games (
Air Re-Volt или младший брат Crimson Skies? Чувствуется что-то родственное, хотя рядом в то же время неумолимо витает собственный шарм, вкус, талант, удача, наконец. Уверенная победа в дебюте. Не пора ли зародиться если не жанру, то своеобразной игрушечной тенденции? Есть, есть ведь пророки. У автомобилистов на горизонте виднеется Stunt GP, а у летчиков... Airfix Dogfighter 2?
Game Captain
Neben den Kampagnen werden auch ein Hauseditor und ein Malraum mitgeliefert. Wem es irgendwann zu langweilig wird, im vorgegebenen Gelände rumzudüsen, kann sich dann ein eigenes Haus zusammenstellen. Ähnliches gilt für die Flugzeuge. Beide Editoren geben einige Sachen vor, so daß man in seiner Gestaltung nicht die vollständige Freiheit hat. Zumindest hat man aber die Chance, ein wenig Abwechslung in das Spiel zu zaubern. Das kommt einem dann auch im Multiplayermodus zu gute.
Privat Computer PC
Det er vildt underholdende i enerum, ja man kan ligefrem forestille sig to poder drøne rundt med deres fly i hånden, mens deres munde siger som maskinkanoner. Det virker som alle tiders familieunderholdning, men lad ikke det skræmme andre væk, måske bortset fra prisen, der anslås til 399 kr.
80 (UK)
Airfix Dogfighter is an amusing if slightly shallow arcade flight sim with ridiculously simple controls - within a few missions you will find yourself effortlessly weaving your way between armchairs, strafing beds, and dive bombing the bath. It's good clean fun as long as you don't take it too seriously, and the only real problems are that it's all over fairly soon, and the stocking up on new weapons and power-ups at the beginning of every mission can get tedious after a while. The excellent graphics, solid gameplay and oddball setting mean that it's well worth a look though, whether you're a newcomer to computer gaming or a hardcore gamer looking for something completely different.
So the game wins big points on sentiment, concept and gameplay but it loses when it comes to long-term appeal. I finished up both the campaigns in about 5 hours and, although there was a lot of fun packed into those five hours, it was over far too quickly. The multiplayer might have ultimately redeemed the game but, alas, there's not really that much multiplayer support. You can have eight players in any given fight but there's no server search feature in the game. Unless you know someone who wants to play, you're screwed. Also in the multiplayer, you don't have total freedom to run about the house. Another bad move. Still the game is only thirty bucks and, for me, that translates into six bucks an hour. I can think of more expensive things that aren't nearly as fun.
GameStar (Germany)
Size doesn’t matter: Die Miniatur-Flugzeuge müssen sich hinter ihren großen Vorbildern nicht verstecken. Schon nach den ersten Flugminuten habe ich vergessen, dass ich gegen Plastikpanzer und -flieger kämpfe. Das liegt vor allem an den hochspannenden, gut designten und abwechslungsreichen Missionen. Kein Einsatz gleicht dem anderen – da kann sich manche Flugsimulation eine dicke Scheibe abschneiden. Leider währt das Vergnügen nur kurz: Nach rund 20 Flugstunden dürften fortgeschrittene Actionspieler beide Kampagnen bestanden haben. Und Einzelszenarios gibt’s dummerweise nicht. Wenn Sie sich mit dem simplen Editor keine eigenen basteln wollen, bleiben nur die (spaßigen) Multiplayer-Dogfights.
PC Games (Germany)
Die Hatz nach Extrawaffen, neuer Technik und geheimen Jägern macht einfach Spaß, genauso sollte ein Actionspiel aussehen. Ebenfalls lobenswert: Die schnelle und detaillierte Grafik und die witzige Spielidee. Wer hat sich schließlich als Kind nicht gewünscht, Muttis Porzellansammlung mit seinen Plastikmodellen in den Nippes-Himmel zu schicken? Leider lassen sich die beiden Kampagnen mit je zehn Missionen locker an einem langen Wochenende durchspielen. Das und die fehlende Speichermöglichkeit in den Missionen trüben den ansonsten sehr guten Gesamteindruck.
Imperium Gier
I znowu nie zawiodłem się. Ciągle trwa bessa na symulatory, jednakże produkty takie jak "Airfix Dogfighter" są ciekawym urozmaiceniem w oczekiwaniu na prawdziwy, hardcorowy symulator. Mimo że gra jest tylko zręcznościówką, posiada w sobie to coś, co nie pozwala przestać w nią grać. Pierwsze wrażenie jest zdecydowanie pozytywne, kolejne również. Każdy może bawić się świetnie z tą grą, nie potrzeba nawet instrukcji, by czerpać z "Airfix Dogfightera" pełnię radości. Dodatkowo, nie musisz nawet mieć joysticka, gdyż sterownie za pomocą klawiatury jest równie łatwe. Trochę niedopracowanych elementów oraz jednak mała liczba misji obniża notę o parę punktów. Niemniej, "Airfix Dogfighter" jest produkcją bardzo dobrą zasługującą na uwagę. Dodatkowo lokalizacja sprawia, że gra ta jest przeznaczona dla użytkowników z każdej praktycznie grupy wiekowej.
GameSpot (Belgium/Netherlands)
17 klassieke miniatuurvliegtuigjes uit WOII maken het bont in een virtueel huis vol met tanks, jeeps en duikboten.
When you first see the list of planes featured in Airfix Dogfighter, you might think that it's a dedicated flight simulation that focuses on various aerial combat missions from World War II - but nothing could be farther from the truth. Instead, Airfix Dogfighter lets you take control of miniature model airplanes (based on Airfix's plastic kits) in a rather unique setting, where larger-than-life bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and backyards are theaters of war. The game's graphics, weapons, and flight physics have all been appropriately modified to fit with the lighthearted theme of the game. Though traditional flight simulation fans may be turned off by this unrealistic design, there's no denying that Airfix Dogfighter delivers a fun gaming experience.
Adrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Airfix Dogfighter is one of those unique games with a premise so far removed from any particular standard or genre, that it almost can’t help but be fun. Decent graphics, an incredible variety of weapons and an ultra forgiving flight model are all components that make Airfix Dogfighter worth a look. Still, not everything is to like, and some players may become very annoyed with the problematic camera and overall lack of longevity. What Airfix Dogfighter manages to do successfully is take an extremely family-friendly concept and turn it into a viable game for players of all ages. In an industry where the absence of sex and gore means missing a significant market share, there would seem to be little room for a title which doesn’t feature death up close and personal. Fortunately, Airfix Dogfighter survives its more nagging issues and manages to blaze a trail of light fun and humor with its crayon bombs and pellet machine guns.
Computer Gaming World (CGW)
Alas, there are some major shortcomings that detract from the experience. What flight sim could survive our modern world without proper joystick support? None. But that’s exactly what kind of joystick support AIRFIX has: None. While there allegedly is joystick support included, I was unable to get it to work with even the simplest of Microsoft sticks. Also, the campaign mode is a bit short — only 10 missions per side. Finally, what fun is a game filled with models if you can’t get a cheap buzz off the glue fumes? But with the fabulous house editor, paint shop, and multiplayer support, this game will still be fun long alter you’ve beaten both campaigns. Just wear some finger covers: All that keyboard flying will tire out your tendons.
Wydawać by się mogło, że zabawa małymi samolotami jest przeznaczona wyłącznie dla dzieci. Pomimo to wielu starszych graczy zapewne zwróci uwagę na opisywany przeze mnie produkt. Zwłaszcza miłośnicy małych myśliwców, lotnictwa oraz II wojny światowej. Ja się do takowych nie zaliczam, a co za tym idzie, gra Airfix Dogfighter nie wywarła na mnie zbyt wielkiego wrażenia. Ot, jeszcze jedna strzelanina.
Enfin, pour ce qui est de la réalisation, les graphismes sont assez jolis, même si les textures auraient gagné à être un peu plus détaillées pour rendre le jeu moins sobre. Et malgré cette relative simplicité dans les décors, le moteur se permet tout de même quelques (petits) ralentissements de temps en temps. Mais à côté de ça les avions sont très détaillés (vous pourrez d'ailleurs les personnaliser dans un atelier qui vous rappellera sans doute vos première maquettes) et les effets lumineux sont plutôt bien réussis. Et côté son, rien de particulier à dire si ce n'est que les musiques sont plutôt de bonne qualité, même si elles ne sont pas toujours très appropriées au jeu.
Airfix Dogfighter is a great idea that almost made it to perfection. With great graphics and a wonderful premise, the difficult AI, few missions, and lack of features quickly zaps any hopes you might have had of enjoying the game. How I wish this game was better and more user-friendly, but I guess thus is the fickle nature of model war.
C'est rigolo, de se faire une petite guerre entre joujoux en plastique, dans Airfix Dogfighter, à bord d'avions miniatures, mais on se lasse hélas rapidement, à cause de missions trop peu variées. Le mode multijoueurs amusant et l'éditeur permettant de modifier à loisir l'agencement du mobilier de toutes les pièces rallongent cependant un peu la durée de vie et l'intérêt. Espérons de même l'arrivée rapide d'un patch qui corrigera les occasionnels retours sauvages sur le bureau Windows.
Gameguru Mania
Airfix Dogfighter offers a complete interactive 3D experience. I bet you never played such game on the computer - it's pretty cute and appealing about watching toys battle it out, using everyday household objects for military purposes. Airfix Dogfighter features 20 missions (10 on each side and as you progress) including dogfights, bomb raids, escorts, races, night flight and trick flight, set in a 12-room house complete with garage, basement, garden and pool (the rooms have been extremely well designed), full single campaign mode for Axis and Allies, 17 different model airplanes, 3 different camera angles to choose from, intuitive and easy-to-learn controls and multiplayer support over LAN and Internet up to 16 players. In addition the game includes house editor allows you to design and furnish your own battlescapes. Airfix Dogfighter is a great game for younger kids.
PC Zone
It's a very limited gaming experience. Aside from the level editor, where you design rooms by rotating and placing pieces of furniture and the obligatory multiplayer mode, that's about all there is to it. If it's any consolation, it isn't quite as bad as the Army Men series. But that's not saying much, because even a game involving throwing nails at a satellite dish would be better than Army Men. If Airfix were looking to sully its image, they could have done a worse job. Instead they've just done a so-so one.
PC Player (Germany)
Zu Beginn macht es durchaus Spaß, mit den kleinen Flitzern unter Billardtischen oder um den Nachttischschrank von Muttern rumzufliegen. Doch die Flugzeuge dürften ruhig ein paar Polygone mehr haben, außerdem gleicht sich doch der Spielablauf nach einigen Leveln sehr stark. Immerhin finden Sie witzige Ideen - die gegnerische Flak trifft etwa deutlich schlechter, wenn Sie im Zimmer mit einem gezielten Schuss das Licht ausknipsen. Doch ständig Panzer und U-Boote in der Badewanne abzuschießen ist auf die Dauer doch etwas langweilig.