Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii Credits


Business DevelopmentMichael Kazakov
Game designEgor Gutorov, Irina Lebsak
ProgrammingPavel Dogurevich, Yakov Grischenko, Eugen Kormilitsin
ArtworkAnton Soluyanov, Katia Britkina, Pavel Zhivotyagin, Dmitry Shcheglov, Oleg Shultc
QANatalya Ogloblina, Antonina Tolkushkina
Original story byDavid Laprad
EditorsEugene Sister, Egor Gutorov
MusicGeorge Yurkin
SoundsGeorge Yurkin
Executive ProducerKirill Plotnikov
Art ProducerMaxim Mihaelis
Alabama Smith in Escape from Pompeii uses painting byKarl Brullov

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