Alcatraz: Prison Escape Credits (Windows)

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Alcatraz: Prison Escape Credits

Activision Value

ProducerBrian Kirkvold
Associate ProducerChris Owen
Vice PresidentPatrick J. Kelly
Quality Assurance LeadAllen Weeks
Quality AssuranceSean Dunnigan, Chris Knox, John Cowden, Jason Lembcke, Emmett McCarthy
PresidentDanny Hammett, John E. Williamson
Senior Vice President of OperationChad Koehler
Director of Marketing & Creative ServicesMark Meadows
Manager of ISJosh Miedema
Special ThanksAnn Beggs, Nicole Bement, Don Borchers, Terry Desanctis, Tim Flaherty, Keri Gross, Patrick Horan, Trevor Harveaux, Sean James, Brian Kingsley, Andy Koehler, David Oxford, Robbin Livernois, Mary Reinitz, Champ The Wonder Dog, Factor Defense Services, Our Friends, Family And Spouses

Zombie Studios

CEOJoanna Alexander, Mark Long
DesignerJohn E. Williamson
Technical DirectorBill Wright
Art DirectorShawn Mulanix
CharacterShawn Mulanix
Level Design and ConstructionDerek Chatwood, Zate Hall, Kate Fahr
3D ArtAaron Rose
Music and AudioJoe Zajonc
Lead ProgrammerRussell Nelson
ProgrammingJimbo Harris, Jay Parker, Marcin Wieczorek
SupportAramis Van Sandt, Janice Butler
Voice ActorsThe Entire Cast Of The Zombie Players, Ron Haskins

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (204707)