Alcatraz: Prison Escape Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the game's main menu
The resolution can be adjusted and the game controls can be customised
A newspaper headline sets the scene
The objectives for the first prison are clearly set before the game commences
Before control is turned over to the player the game does a fly-by of the prison
The game has started. The radar screen in the top left shows the position of the guards. On the high difficulty setting it is not present
The left mouse button is the attack button, the right asks them questions. Talking to other inmates is essential so best not to mix the two up
The back of the keep case talks about trading cigarettes for information. Looks like this is the guy who needs them.
Out of the hut and here's a guard
That was a guard. Dispatched with just a few mouse clicks when playing on the easy level
Whenever anything significant is found the game makes sure the player does not ignore it
Don't forget to look up for escape routes along the roof tops as well as down for tunnels
This is the save game screen