Alchemist's Apprentice Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
The high scores
Opening story
I need to find 22 scrolls and torn pages.
I found one, on the right.
I used a hint.
Stage and level title screen.
Stage 1, level 1
I collected all the gold to complete the level.
Level stats
Now I use the gold yo upgrade a building.
The game map
The cells with the light areas are frozen. I have to collect the correct amount of gold and make matches over the frozen cells to release them.
I have upgraded the Thunder Tower. Now, if I collect thecells with blue gems, when I fill the tower's meter, lightning will destroy a random row or column.
Lightning is destroying a column.
I ran out of time. Restart the level?
The room when I can see what trophies I have earned.
Bonus game
In this bonus game, I need to lead the leprechaun with my mouse to gather the falling golf.