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ALFA: Antiterror - Advanced War Tactics Credits

MiST land - South

Project byVitaly Shutov
Project ManagerYaroslav Astakhov
ScriptVitaly Shutov
Game DesignMax Tumin, Maxim Voznyuk
Consultations coordinatorAndrey Belov
Art Department DirectorVadim Shabatko
Concept ArtPetr Morozov, Petr Kazakov
LevelsIgor Mikhal'chishin, Nadezhda Anufriyeva
People ModelsSergey Chabrov, Alexandr Fedotovskih, Denis Kudayev
Technics ModelsDenis Kudayev, Nikolai Korobov
Additional ModelsSergey Tverdyukov, Alexei Davydov, Nadezhda Anufriyeva, Nikolai Korobov
AnimationSergey Chabrov, Alexey Baryzhikov, Vadim Shabatko
InterfaceSergey Kritskiy
Script Scenes ProductionVitaly Shutov, Vadim Shabatko
Script Scenes IntroductionMax Tumin
Programming Department DirectorAlexander Sorokin
Leading Project ProgrammerPavel Duvanov
Graphical EngineAlexdr Sorokin, Leonard Volik
User InterfaceAlexandr Yeresov
Visual EffectsDmitriy Khudyakov
Artificial IntellectAlexandr Yeresov
Levels EditorSergey Sidorov
UtilitiesAlexander Sorokin, Leonard Volik, Dmitriy Khudyakov
Network CodePavel Duvanov, Dmitriy Khudyakov
Sound LibrarySergey Zagurskiy
QA ManagerDmitriy Babkin
IT EngineerAnton Manzhura
Web EngineerMikhail Blokhin
WebmasterAlexandr Pelikh
Financial ManagerMarina Miroschnikowa
AccountantElena Shkilyevich
Staff InspectorNataliya Goleva
Office ManagerJulia Voronenko
PR ManagerMasha Petrova
Sound EngineerPavel Anufriev
Additional Sound EngineeringPavel Ageev
Roles were scored bySergey Chonishvili, Boris Mironov, Vsevolod Kuznetsov, Kirill Radtsig, Yuriy Derkach, Alexander Rakhlenko, Pavel Smetankin
Recording StudioStudio Pythagor
Soundtrack ProducingVitaly Shutov, Alexandr Schukayev
Music AuthorsAlexandr Schukayev (project Sensorica), Dmitry Kuzmenko (project Strategic Music)
Localization ManagerMaksim Sukhov
GraphicsNataliya Grekhneva
Localization AssistantMikhail Dementey
Literary CorrectorAlexandr Laskin
Testing CoordinatorDmitriy Babkin
Leading TestersMikhail Dementey, Anastasia Shukayeva, Fedor Ivanov
Our thanks toGennadiy Zaitsev (personally for approving of the consultations), FSS Centre of the Special Operations of Russia, Public Communication Centre of the FSS in Russia, Veterans Union of the group A, The working and former people serving in the group A or group B, OOB SPOP BR PBG, Major Galdin A.P. [personally for technical consultations and literature], Major Popov P.B. [for the opportunity to check the equipment and tactics in the field conditions], All those who gave consultations and supported the project
ThanksJonas Gustavsson, Meqon team [www.meqon.com], Svetlana Likhareva, Intel corp., Subversion team [subversion.tigris.org], To all those who support and take part in the movement Open Source, And particularly to the organizers and sponsors of the web sites www.sourceforge.net and www.tigris.org
External Programming LibrariesSTLport [www.stlport.org], Boost [www.boost.org], ANTLR [www.antlr.org], Bink SDK [www.radgametools.com], Ogg vorbis [www.vorbis.com], Meqon [www.meqon.com], Lua [www.lua.org]
Thank youIrina Mizrakhi (Russobit-M), Vyacheslav Plotnikov (GFI), Serguei An (GFI), Our families and relatives
This project is devoted toThose who are protecting the peace in Russia

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (160409)