Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Final Cut Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main Title
Main Title that appears when you exit the game.
(Intro scene) some car accidents may turn up quite nice... if you meet the right woman :)
The main PI protagonist at a close range. An actual ingame low-poly character, not an animation.
The interface is really easy as the game helps you by actually pointing you each time you're at the right place to do something (open door, examine shelves, or such).
The game is mainly handled by the keyboard, but menu is mostly using mouse activities.
Also, when you'll examine something, and the game will zoom what you examine, the mouse will self-activate at scene.
For checking on some things, no click is necessary, just scroll over the wanted object/area.
Snooping around the property for some clues.
The character's actions extend to such as jumping, running, shooting, so the game may resemble to AITD in the way of navigating.
Hmm, let's check the back of the car... mayhap my fishing equipment is there.
To save on walking too much, you can jump locations by just clicking on the place you wanna go on the map.
In order to use some item, it must be selected first. You'll be sure it's selected by spotting the icon on the upper left corner, though.
Hey, this door opened by itself... or?
Searching for some evidence... or a hint.
An interesting office
Wandering around a beautiful church
Inside the beautiful church
These roses look very much out of place, don't they?
An example of the graphic detail
Exploring a parlor