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Advertising Blurbs (Official website):
    About Alganon

    Alganon is a Free To Play fantasy-based MMORPG that allows thousands of people to play together in a virtual world that features a rich history dominated by commanding deities, powerful weapons and armor, deadly magic, epic quests, ancient places to discover, the utilization of detailed tradeskills, and more. Designed from scratch and based in a uniquely created world, the goal in designing Alganon is to provide "Simple Gameplay with Unlimited Growth in a massive world of immersion and interaction."

    Part of achieving this goal was to create a game that is easy for anyone to play, but also to build the game so that even the most skilled and hardcore gamer has the potential to grow beyond their expectations. A world where the casual and hardcore gamer alike can adventure, grow, and share their accomplishments with each other.

    Our development team at Quest Online have designed everything from the ground up, tailored to feedback from the community about what you want to see in an MMO. While it can be difficult to select new games worthy of our time with so many prominent MMOs on the market, we have sculpted Alganon to be the game you do not have to dedicate all of your time to. We have implemented a system where your character evolves even when you aren't playing.

    Features of Alganon

    MMO development is extremely complex in both design and technical production. The game must be designed with a core set of features, yet flexible enough to evolve beyond the initial design based on player feedback. We are excited to show you what Alganon is all about.

    Economy & Crafting

    In Alganon, items can be crafted by master artisans that are as powerful as the legendary weapons seasoned adventurers obtain in battle. However, the process of crafting these powerful items requires a cooperation between multiple crafters, focused study, and even a helpful hand from an adventurer or two. Players seeking victory in the arena of commerce will need the same dedication as those who look to succeed on the battlefield.


    While the world has been populated with numerous static quests that all can partake in, Alganon also offers custom dynamic quests specifically written for the different character types. These quests are designed to add variance to the system and provide unexpected rewards.

    Races & Classes

    Alganon focuses on quality rather than quantity. The game has two races and each race has four classes; however, there are so many variations in skills, abilities, and specializations that the results guarantee no two characters are alike.

    Player Systems

    Character Progression in Alganon is based on a four core system.
    • Actions are what characters carry out during game play, such as a special attack or a tradeskill, etc.
    • Abilities represent a point-based distribution system allowing the character to focus on specific class-based specialties.
    • Skills are the underlying methods of growth in utilizing certain areas of class-based focus, such as a character's skill in swords, or a specific profession.
    • Studies are the core support base for all other systems, allowing characters to grow over time at the same rateas all other players.

    World History

    The world of Alganon has a rich multi-cultural background and history that spans thousands of years. Grand cities, dark ruins deep in the most dangerous parts of the world - it all ties together in some fashion, and all of it has a purpose, a history, or a legend. Some of this history is been documented in the library, but much of it must be discovered.

    Alganon features two large continents. The Asharr-controlled continent of Ardonya, and the Kujix-controlled continent of Harraja. Both continents have all types of terrain encompassing forests, fields, plains, deserts, mountains, jungles, swamps, and tundras.


    Alganon features both world and instanced areas for exploration. Some instances will have restrictions on the number of players allowed.


    In addition to the use of magic, numerous types of Wagger, Moole, Arvak and Jax mounts are available to the players, allowing for accelerated traveling. Additionaly instant travel between major outposts can be done by using The Circles of Ouroban, portals that are a world-wide teleportation network.


    Numerous factions control various places within the world of Alganon. Each character has the ability to enhance or lower their standings with these different groups, races, and organizations based on the actions that they take.

    The Library

    Both the Asharr and Kujix capital cities contain a grand library where you can pick up new studies. However, access to the information in the Library is available from anywhere within the game via the User Interface. Through this interface, players can research items, creatures, magic, tradeskills, and learn about the history of the world. These libraries serve as the central hub of information for each side.

    Additionally the Library can also be accessed from outside the game world through the MyAlganon website.


    Being a part of a family in Alganon is a great way to join with players that share similar interests. For example, power gamers can be together in one family and casual gamers can be in another family. Family names can be displayed and you will have the option to turn them off or on.

    Each race has five different families, and each family represents a different "theme" that attracts gamers of a specific category. Instantly communicate with your new family, protect your siblings, and establish your family's name in the history books of Alganon.

    Major cities have Family merchants that sell merchandise just to specific family members. These items are called heirlooms. Different families will have different colors and themes. There are also heirloom pets, such as kittens, frogs, etc. All of these options are based on race and family type.

    Every family has its own chat channel that all family members can freely participate in. This channel is automatically "made active" when you log into the game. You are able to disable/remove the channel, but can rejoin it at any time. You can only join their own family's channel.


    Guilds support is built into Alganon allowing you to create, invite friends, and adventure with. Guilds feature custom news, communication, member management, and addition customization features in game. MyAlganon allows Guilds to stay in contact with fellow members even while you're way from the game world.

    Auction System

    Bring your desire for crafting skills into Alganon and see how much you can make. Selling the goods you have crafted in the public auction house for a profit is easy with our default auction system. It supports a number of internal tools to help determine the current market price for merchandise, as well as the demand.

    Having trouble finding a particular item? Put a request in the Requisition House and let someone else find it or make it for you.

    Tradeskills & Harvesting

    Professions, Gathering Skills, Processing Stations, and more. The world of Alganon is designed to have an internal stable economy where a balance between "controlled" currency, items, and materials exists with player-based economic involvement.


    There are many different types of items in the world. Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, Bags, and Materials are just a few. Items need to be repaired as they become worn, but it's easy to find a repairer in most villages, towns, and cities.

    Tribute Market System

    Tribute is a form of currency in the world of Alganon. Players purchase tribute via the market system (either on the web or in-game) and the purchase is deposited in their account. Tribute is held at the account level, so any character on the player's account is able to use the tribute which has been purchased.
    Tribute Conversion Table (Subject to change)
    Tribute: 250 - Cost (USD): $1.45
    Tribute: 500 - Cost (USD): $2.80
    Tribute:1000 - Cost (USD): $5.50
    Tribute: 2000 - Cost (USD): $10.90
    Tribute: 5000 - Cost (USD): $27.40
    A boon is an enhancement that is not tied to an item. You purchase it from the store like an item, but it's immediately applied to a specific character or account. Boons revolve around Studies and Study acceleration. Study acceleration is basically a Study Time Purchase. Players are able to buy one day of study points and allow them to define where those points go. Items

    Many items are in the game, which are available for purchase using Tribute. These items fall into several categories; vanity pets, mounts, potions and elixirs, boxed item-sets, and individual items.

    One Time Use Items
    One time use items are kept until a player uses them. Once the item has been consumed it's gone and a new one must be purchased should the player wish to use it again. An example of a 1-time use item are potions and elixirs. Tribute potions and elixirs are designed to give the character an advantage over those readily available by crafting. For instance, Elixir of Focus will provide a bonus to the amount of experience a player receives for monster kills and quest turn-ins. There are 3 different types of Focus Elixirs that can be purchased, 5%, 10%, or 15% experience gain. All of them last for a full day.
    Timed Use Items
    Many items have a duration associated with them. Most of these items have either a duration of seven (7) days or thirty (30) days. The item is available to be used as often as the player desires during the entire duration. Once the duration expires the item is not lost, the player will have an option to re-activate the item by paying Maintenance on it. Timed use items include vanity pets, mounts, armor and weapons.

    Continued Use & Maintenance
    When the duration of an item has expired the player has the option of paying maintenance on it to make it available for use again. Items that have expired are easy to find using the Tribute Market Interface either in-game or on our website. Reactivation is easy, just click on the item, make sure you have enough tribute in your bank, and click the "Pay maintenance" button.

    Permanent Items
    Some items are available to purchase for permanent use. Buy these one time and use it forever! Examples of permanent items are some vanity pets and mounts. This will allow players the flexibility to choose how long they anticipate the use of the item in question, and make a buying decision based on this information.

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