Alice: Madness Returns Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
XIX century London isn't really a place to enjoy
Guys at Spicy Horse sure know what fun is :)
Sunset in London
Now back to Wonderland
Pause menu will tell you everything you need to know
Found a hidden memory
Gained shrink ability
You'll be doing A LOT of this
Found the 1st weapon
How to use your weapon
...and an enemy to try it on
This submenu lists everything you've found and done
Custom outfits modify gameplay so you better use them only once the game is completed.
Many views in the game are breathtaking
Despite the appearance it is quite a formidable foe, especially in numbers
Alice has an unlimited supply of clockwork bombs
A fight with Menacing Ruin. Note Alice's near-death condition
PhysX effects maxed out on this shot
What were they smoking?
Ice shark VS. Hobby horse
Weapon upgrade menu
These platforms are clearly visible only when Alice is shrunk
A side-scrolling mini-game
Alice is shipwrecked and is now underwater.
Fish city
Now I find this one really disturbing
In near-death condition Alice can enter Hysteria mode and become powerful and invincible for a short time
Meet the Walrus
Cutscenes are drawn in this 2D technique
Close-up of Alice
My sanity is fading...
An intense fight
Hmm, a risky statue
A side-scrolling platform stage
In-game gallery tells about everybody and everything
Impressive scenery
Kind of reminds me of Pyramid head, still quite original
Identity of the twins from the 1st game revealed
I don't even want to comment this shot