Alien Zombie Megadeath Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Overview for the first level
Customize the spacesuit through three parts. New ones are unlocked later on.
Before facing the aliens, you probably should get dressed.
Blasting a green horde from the right. You cannot shoot through the blocks. At the lower level, a power-up has spawned.
Level results screen. Here, two of the four available medals have been achieved.
A weaving stage where you gather crystals while avoiding the obstacles.
Using the three-shot power-up.
Surrounded by flying enemies.
First boss fight
In this level you need to move inside and outside the circling lasers.
Later enemies introduce moving objects such as these lasers that can harm you.
A level where you need to escort space babies.
Second boss fight
Many opponents at once
Shoot the center of these objects to disable them for a short time.
Quickly hop between platforms to keep them at bay.
A level with decoy pods you can use to distract the enemies.
In this level you need to defuse bombs.
Setup screen for a multiplayer game
A multiplayer game in progress