Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Main menu (Russian version)
It all begins with the distress call from Dwayne Hicks
Introducing the protagonist, Corporal Winter
Here we go to the U.S.S. Sulaco...
...but then something goes terribly wrong
Using the motion tracker
Hey, that's Bishop's remains! Fan service.
Cutting a door open
One of the infested fellow soldiers
And unsurprisingly we encounter an alien
Achieved a new rank and got one point to invest into weapon upgrades
The open cocoons mean there might be facehuggers around
The effects in some areas are actually quite nice
It's actually a part of death animation if you kill an alien on the ceiling
Here we've got some ammo and armor
Mission goals, score and trophies / weapons found
There are four slots for weapons - primary, secondary, a pistol and explosives
Each slot further expands to a sub-menu, allowing you to equip any weapon you have unlocked / found
In close quarters combat you can push the alien off and surprisingly it works
Episode complete
QTE fight with facehugger
Burning Weyland-Yutani corporate mercenaries
Don't you spring at me like that
Here's a part of the team that landed on LV-426
We've reached Hadley's Hope
Smartgun action
The notorious stealth mission with blind aliens
Run, Bella, run!
Blasting 'em with a shotgun
This is a sort of a boss fight. I'm opearing a Caterpillar P-5000 Work Loader.
So, they did more experiments with the aliens? Those fools...
Mother alien. I should be scared. But I'm not.
Inside the alien space ship
The crusher alien
Burning the aliens
Beat the alien with the power of QTE
Weapon upgrade menu
Multiplayer: customize your marine
Multiplayer: customize your alien
Multiplayer: playing as an alien