Written by  :  Joakim Kihlman (275)
Written on  :  Apr 06, 2004
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars2.75 Stars

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Overrated mediocre gameplay with some nice components.

The Good

The first AvP was great as long as you only played the demo. The whole game was too dark, difficult and repetitive and the plot... well... what plot? This is greatly improved in the sequel. The plot is sometimes illogical and ill told, and is nothing special in itself, but it has an interesting disposition in that it is told from three different angles. After having finished the excellent marine campaign you only know a little part of the whole story. In order to know get the whole picture you need to play the other parts as well. This encourages you to play on, just to find out how things go together, and what led to certain events in the previous campaigns. Very good. The graphics, although a bit aged, are quite good, and the sounds are downright excellent. The weaponry is nice and is exactly what you would want from a game like this. Cool weapons directly from the movies. I also really like the different vision modes that the predator has. They are both useful and quite cool. The marine campaign is what makes this game worth playing, though. It is unnerving and creepy to sneak around the base, knowing you'll be attacked any minute by slimy aliens. Your feel really vulnerable and every sound makes you jump. The atmosphere in this campaign is really scary and creepy.

The Bad

Well then. What didn't I like about this game? Ah, well, where to start? For starters, the game has only one good campaign, the marine campaign. The only reason for playing the other two (the alien and predator campaigns) are to find out more about the plot. The plot itself is alright, but nothing special, and the scripted sequences are badly acted and not very nicely done at all. Sometimes the story is so ill told that it is hard to understand what is going on. The only really positive thing about it is that it somehow makes you want to play on, just to find out how it all hangs together. Although the marine campaign is creepy and good, the other campaigns are boring and they aren't involving at all. The predator has some nice technology and weaponry to play with, but the missions and the predator's agenda is very hard to care about or get involved with. I don't particularly care whether the marines shoot my head off or not. I rather think I deserve it when I play as an ugly predator lobster-head whose only goal is to run around collecting skulls. Quite boring and not in any way unnerving or scary. The alien campaign is even worse. To play one of thousands of slimy, mindless aliens is just as boring as it sounds. You just run around mindlessly, get seasick from all the wall-climbing and bite peoples heads off all through the tedious missions. I cared even less than in the predator campaign and even died deliberately a few times because I was so tired of the slimy mindless monster I was playing. If the game had let you play a marine all the way through, it could have been really good. As it is, just a really small portion of the game, about a third (not even all the marine missions are good), is any fun to play. Overrated mediocre gameplay with some nice components.

The Bottom Line

Mediocre mix of two great things: Alien and Predator. Too bad that the game does not live up to the legacy of the movies. Not even close.