Aliens Versus Predator Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

ingame title
main menu
choosing species
alien - flash view
alien - normal view
alien - using tail
marine - throwing flares is an option to enlarge viewport
marine - night vision
predator - a view for searching up your disc
predator - the green blobs you see is your blood (you're being shot at the very same moment)
predator - this view is best for manhunt
predator - automatically seeking target
NO ONE likes Xenoborgs
An alien dis-arms a civilian
Watch it lady, that stuff ain't lemonade
That PredAlien's seen better days
A Predator decapitates an Android
Hey, no fair! That Xenoborg is un-armed
Come with me or there will be trouble
These marines are disciples of the spray-and-pray school of combat
An Android stands fast against a Praetorian
Guess the humans don't take prisoners
Hey! Careful with that flamethrower!
Just hold still. This won't hurt... much
The Alien Queen
light at the end of the tunnel
danger could be ahead
"Alien" anyone?