All Star Strip Poker: Girls at Work Credits


Product DirectorAdam Szymczak
Product ManagerMichał Sroczyński
Editing / MontageKrzysztof Zdanowicz (krisq)
Graphic ArtistsMichał Rycak, Piotr Michalak (Fuzzy)
DTPMałgorzata Firgolska
"Cloudy Sky" byTilman Sillescu
"Emerald Hills" byAllan Phillips
"Falta Smooth" by Allan Phillips
"Azure Blue" byRik Pfenninger
"First Tango in Paris" byRik Pfenninger
"Proof Night Into Day" byRay Nardelli
"Relaxed #2 +30" byVaddi Solanof
"Smooth Piano Beat" byStephen Bashaw
"Manhattan" byAmadeo Frank Longo
"Got The Groove" byShane McKenzie
Project Director.misha.
ProgrammingHIQ Solutions, Pablo Morales, Zbigniew Ledwoń (heyu)
ModelsNina, Kate, Kelly Norton, Vanessa Cooper, Veronica Vanoza

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (40884)