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Die Grafik wirkt etwas banal, und bei Stürzen sieht Ihr Fahrer einer Stahlbeton-Figur zum Verwechseln ähnlich. Simulations-Liebhaber dürfen aber bei AMA Superbike, so wie sie es erhaschen können, zugreifen. Denn der Rest ist gut.
GameSpot (Nov 08, 1999)
Publisher and developer Motorsims was founded in 1997 with one purpose: to create the most realistic simulations possible with online access so racing fans could meet and compete on the Internet. Motorsims has taken a very big step toward achieving this goal with its first release, AMA Superbike - provided the people who buy the game are prescient enough to penetrate one of the most convoluted interfaces ever slapped onto a game.
Gamezilla (Jan 21, 2000)
AMA Superbike is a quality, accurate sim. It's not a game and if you buy it expecting a game you will be disappointed. I for one did not care for Superbike, as I felt it was a very one-dimensional offering that was clearly not geared for the mass gaming market, yet was being sold alongside Road Rash and Need for Speed. It is nonetheless a highly-competent simulation and one which niche fans will certainly enjoy for its unswerving realism and commitment to the realistic physics involved in bike racing. I rate it a 70 as a game -- it is simply aimed at far too narrow and audience and does not make the most of current graphical technology to really stand out.
That said, when it’s repaired, AMA can please the sim enthusiast. In it you’ll find authentic physics, an intricate garage, and astoundingly accurate scenery across each of its nine U.S. circuits. A bobbing first-person perspective helmet-cam, nice animated details, and an unprecedented level of bike and rider control only add to the possibilities. It won’t sport the perks and raw excitement of EA’s SUPERBIKE, but virtual riders with multiplayer desires may want to jump in...once Motorsims works out the kinks.
There is some fun to be had with this game, but there are better products out there. The time that you will need to invest in this title just to get it set up comfortably for your personal use can cause some frustration. Perhaps with future patches some of these problems will clear up. As it stands now, the game feels unfinished. Bottom Line: Nice graphics, decent road physics, everything else is just fair. Not all controllers are supported, and mapping a non-supported input device can be a big problem. All in all, this game feels unfinished.
IGN (Oct 18, 1999)
The moral to all of this? If you're going to involve the world in an extended beta, then at least don't charge us for it. AMA Superbike may turn out to be a good game in a few months, but at this stage, the only challenge you'll find yourself taking on is the challenge of getting it to run.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 24, 1999)
Говорить тут особо нечего. Вполне возможно, что онлайновая часть безгранично играбельна и лучше на данный момент не существует (хотя западные обозреватели, основываясь на бете, относились к этому режиму крайне скептически: тонны багов, проблемы на сервере и многое другое). Одно ясно точно: сингл запятнал первый проект так, что на отмывание теперь уйдет много времени. Надеюсь, разработчики извлекут из этого хороший урок.
AMA Superbike is not just a disappointment; it is a disaster. In every respect it is inferior, and not by a small margin, to Superbike World Championship. Motorsims’ approach to possible bugs is to tell users how easy it will be to get patches online, but this is not at all a reasonable expectation given the numerous types of problems here. I would even prefer playing Intense Entertainment’s Castrol Honda Superbike World Champions, the first major PC Superbike simulation I ever played, to this latest release. Motorsims has a ton of work facing it to get up to speed to the best racing simulations on the market today, as right now its has finished in last place.