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    From Sumter to Appomattox

    A War Between Families and Friends for the Control of a Countries Destiny

    Interactive Magic, developer and publisher of entertainment software plans to release an exciting new title The American Civil War: From Sumter to Appomattox. The American Civil War will allow players to command both sides of the greatest and most strategic war in American history.

    The game covers the entire Civil War and individuals can play at the start of the war or enter in the spring of 1862 or 1863. The game can be won through political or military victory, giving the player ultimate control over the outcome of the war.

    The American Civil War includes a vast amount of detail and realism for more than other strategy games on this subject. Making the best use of your leaders is one key to victory. Many Unions generals are slow or incompetent on the battlefield, which can give the Confederacy important opportunities. On the other hand, raising and training a competent army can take time, while throwing untrained troops into battle frequently leads to nothing but slaughter. Supply lines are important too: venture too deep into enemy territory, and your army's strength and fighter effectiveness may soon dwindle. All those combine to produce a game whose "pace of action" is similar to the real war.

    In addition, the game contains an incredibly accurate database where 125 historical leaders are rated for inspiration and aggressiveness, as well as combat skills. Players have full control over leadership assignments and troops' movements across a map that spans from Mexico City to Philadelphia and from the Bahamas to Kansas City. The game is turn-based, with each turn symbolizing a week in history.

    The American Civil War builds on a previous release by Adanac Command Systems of Vancouver, British Columbia. The Road from Sumter to Appomattox II. The original title was sold by direct mail and was not available in computer retail stores. Interactive Magic is working closely with Adanac to improve the artificial intelligence and modem play features found in the original game. Interactive Magic is also adding a complete musical score, upgrading graphics and porting the game to Windows'95.

    Format CD ROM
    System Requirements 486 SX-33 min, Windows'95, 8MB RAM, SVGA, Sound Blaster and compatibles
    RRP 39.99 British Pounds
    Release Date May 1996
    Category Strategy

    We're very excited about this new strategy title, said Interactive Magic Chairman `Wild' Bill Stealey. "The American Civil War contains incredibly accurate portrayals of civil war leaders as well as enthralling game play. This title will be a must-have for both history buffs and individuals that thrive on truly challenging strategy games".

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Apr 24, 2004.

Back Cover - Windows:
    This is your chance to rewrite American history

    It's 1861 and the nation is divided against itself. Brother against brother, father against son. You stand at the brink of one of the greatest conflicts, the American Civil War. In the next four years over 600,000 will die in America's bloodiest war. One in every three men wearing a uniform will be a casualty. The nation's greatest trial has begun.

    Confederate or Union, history buff or strategic gaming fan, with its great attention to detail and dead-on realism, American Civil War is the choice for anyone ready to face the challenge of refighting and rethinking, the most devastating war in American history.

    American Civil War can be played with various political and military victory options, so you can face entirely different strategic, economic, and political challenges each time you play. Maybe you would assemble your troops differently, select more aggressive commanders, or change marching orders to alter the outcome. Test your strategies against some of the legendary leaders of this epic struggle -- you are the commander -- all the key decisions are yours!

    CD 1 - Narrated Historical Multimedia CD
    • 175,000 word narrative text plus maps, color photos, and biographies of famous leaders.
    • Songbook including history and lyrics representing famous songs of the period.
    • Exciting video clips of battle reenactments.

    CD 2 - Strategic Game
    • Play the entire Civil War from the opening guns at Sumter to the final surrender at Appomattox or enter the war in the spring of 1862 or 1863.
    • Command Union or Confederate forces across the entire nation.
    • Recruit and organize your own Divisions, Corps and Armies, then assign generals to command them.
    • CD-quality soundtrack -- listen to period music as you consider your nxt move or play as a separate audio-only CD.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Apr 24, 2004.