American McGee's Grimm: Puss In Boots Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Heeeeeere's... Grimm!
Main menu
Scene and theatre selection
The puss tricks the ogre.
The boys mourn their father's death.
Grimm arrives in the village.
Some moving platforms are revealed.
Smelly status achieved.
A view of the village
Level completed.
Affect the carrots to make the rabbits go crazy.
Underground, in a cave
A horrible deformed rabbit
Inside the king's castle
There's a secret token here.
The king is quite taken by the giant rabbit.
It used to be a toy machine.
Thanks for the warning.
Grimm still dies when touching water.
The boy is beaten up.
The king arrives at the scene.
You'll need to help puss convincing the farmer the land now belongs to someone else.
You'll need the new superspeed power-up to convert the farmers.
The ogre in front of his castle
There are no cleaners here, but his fireballs restore the scenery.
A view from the top of a platform
Final meeting with the ogre
The king is quite impressed with the marquis.
Seems there is more to the father's death.
Puss is very friendly.