Written by  :  Xoleras (66841)
Written on  :  Jan 07, 2005
Platform  :  Windows
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You want to play some Amiga games from your past again, but you don't have an Amiga anymore? Well, here is your chance...

The Good

Best thing at the beginning: unlike its predecessors, which were full price games, this one started already in the beginning at budget price (less than 15 €).

The easy menu system of the compilation and the pre-configured WinUAE settings for each game are just great. I tried to setup WinUAE about a year ago for one of my old Amiga favorites, it took me hours to get the game working, and I didn't got the sound working at all. So for the average user, this solution is definitely the best.

The Bad

Really bad is the advertisement. No, I don't mean the layout or something like that, I mean the games. You stand in the store, reading what games are included, like Alien Breed 2, Lemmings 2, Rick Dangerous 2, Turrican 2, Worms, and Xenon 2 (and maybe other games too; I'm not familiar with Amiga classics). You then think great, that's something for me, I ever wanted to play -insert your favorite game here- (again). And at home, you realize that most of the good stuff are only few-level-demos.

Sometimes, when I play a game, it may happen that I can't figure out how to fully operate the game. In example, playing a sokoban style game, and you know how to move your character, but you can't figure out how to move the crates, this can really be annoying. You then want to read the manual, and in this case, you may run into the problem that there is no manual. Very frustrating.

While good intended to make the experience more real, the noise and wait-time at the start of a game, are increasingly getting boring. You staring at a blank screen, while hearing your simulated floppy drive reading the disk, and you hear yourself thinking "why the hell did they have to make it sooo real!?".

The Bottom Line

So, is it still worthy to buy this compilation, even when the really good games are just demos? I would say, yes! There are still about 130 games you can play, its easy usage and its low price will compensate you for the missing of your favorite games.