Amnesia: The Dark Descent Credits (Windows)

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Amnesia: The Dark Descent Credits


DesignThomas Grip, Jens Nilsson
ProgrammingThomas Grip, Luis Rodero Morales
Sound EngineeringJens Nilsson
GraphicsMarcus Johansson, Marc Nicander
Level EditingMarcus Johansson, Marc Nicander, Jens Nilsson
Level ScriptingThomas Grip, Luis Rodero Morales, Jens Nilsson
Additional GraphicsAbyss Lights Studios, Rasmus Gunnarsson, Magnus Hertzberg, Nicodemus Mattisson, Jonas Steinick Berlin, Olof Strand, Sebastian Vasselbring
MusicMikko Tarmia
Additional Sound EffectsTapio Liukkonen (Kaamos Sound)
WritingMikael Hedberg
StoryThomas Grip, Mikael Hedberg
Concept ArtRasmus Gunnarsson, Jonas Steinick Berlin
Voice Direction & CastingLani Minella (AudioGodz)
Voice TalentsRichard Topping (as Daniel), Sam A. Mowry (as Alexander), Bill Corkery (as Agrippa), Eric Newsome (as Herbert), Lani Minella (as Girl & Mother), Marc Biagi (as Innocent Man), David Rivas (as Man In Morgue), Dan Zullo (as Wilhelm & Thugs)
Beta TestingAnton Adamse, Antonio Luis Tirado Chávez, Agustín Cordes, Cédric Guillemet, Christopher Bates, Rasmus Gunnarsson, David Gustavsson, Mikael Hedberg, Magnus Hertzberg, Martin Jonsson, Tom Jubert, Aleksey Luchin, Kristoffer Lövgren, Javier Mairena, Nicodemus Mattisson, Emil Meiton, David Rosen, Michaël Samyn, Jonas Steinick Berlin, Erik Svedäng
Special Thanks toNear and dear for support and patience, Wolfire Games, Julio Jerez (Newton Game Dynamics), Andreas Jönsson, DevIL Image Library, TinyXML, LibSDL

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